Current E-Status Case List for Muskoka Lakes

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the LPAT or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Bala Heritage Conservation DistrictMM150004-By-Law 2014-131, Bala HCDClosedMM150004
North Half of Lot 4 & Part of Lots 4 & 3 Conc. 4MM200010-F. & E. Lippa, Aggregate LicenceOpenMM200010
Name Card Not AssignedDuvernet Severances & rezoningClosedPL010026
Name Card Not AssignedCJ Heard Forest Products - righClosedPL030837
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law #2004-76 Waterfront ResiClosedPL040753
Name Card Not AssignedHotel - First Rosseau Holdings ClosedPL060260
Name Card Not Assignedter and Ice Limited, boathouseOpenPL061142
Name Card Not AssignedB. Chen & A. Merricks- lot sevClosedPL070163
Name Card Not AssignedBoathouse - Corporate PropertieClosedPL070230
Name Card Not AssignedCommunity of Minett/Resort VillClosedPL070482
Name Card Not AssignedPL070548-C070141-Melanie Maile,cond.7ClosedPL070548
Name Card Not AssignedRamsey/White Muskoka Chair Co.ClosedPL070560
Name Card Not AssignedClosedPL070747
Name Card Not AssignedLang Newland Flagstone watefronClosedPL070818
Name Card Not AssignedWilliam F. DeikeClosedPL070874
1059 Hallett RdPL071192-Angela GerasoloClosedPL071192
Part Lot 24, Concession 11PL071251- Waste Treatment Facility By-lawClosedPL071251
1102 Ashforth DrPL080068-ZBA-5107 McIntyreClosedPL080068
49 Mazengah IslandPL080133-G.Fasken, Porch erectionClosedPL080133
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL080234-Steel Corporation -ZBL 01/08ClosedPL080234
2045 Muskoka RdPL080316-DuncansonClosedPL080316
1095 Greenwood Point RdPL080563-Deanna DurfyClosedPL080563
1109 Robert Johnston Rd, Unit #9PL090133-Hood Residential Severance & VarianceClosedPL090133
Name Card Not AssignedPL090138-1379 Foreman RoadClosedPL090138
1379 Foreman RdPL090139-Clark Minor VarianceClosedPL090139
Pt Lots 31 & 32. Conc.5, Pt 1 & 5, Plan 35R-3938PL090376-695239 Ontario LimitedClosedPL090376
Part Lots 19 & 20, Conc 7PL090529-Crowder ZBA for Waterfront ResidentialClosedPL090529
1035 Brandy Crest Rd, Unit 23PL090817-Robinson, Glen & VirginaClosedPL090817
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL091177-BL 2009-91ClosedPL091177
2948 Muskoka Rd 169PL100073-ZBL 2009-140 KRH Holdings-Sleeping Cabin ClosedPL100073
1037 Scarcliffe RdPL100296-BL 14/08ClosedPL100296
Part Lot 24, Concession 12, Lot 5, Plan 41PL100372-Ron & Nancy Powell porch varianceClosedPL100372
Part of Lots 21 to 25, Concession 9PL100373-Paula StanteClosedPL100373
1434 Barlochan RdPL100442-Chris Roy, Shirley Roy & James W RoseClosedPL100442
2828 Muskoka Rd 118 WPL100514-Brian & Marilyn Croft cottage severanceClosedPL100514
1901 Muskoka Rd 118 W, Unit 1PL100679-Burt deck and landing variancesClosedPL100679
1058 Whitings RdPL100789-Mills accessory structure height varianceClosedPL100789
4966 Muskoka RdPL101151-Rose and Binelli Zoning Waterfront DockClosedPL101151
Muskoka Lakes Official Plan UpdatePL091173-OPA 40ClosedPL091173
1168 Hemlock Point RdPL110048-Hepfer. Boathouse VarianceClosedPL110048
1045 Hamills Point RdPL110246-Still's Bay Landing Corporation ClosedPL110246
Part of Lot 4, Concession EPL110512- ZBA To Allow New DwellingClosedPL110512
1166 Morinus Rd, Unit # 8PL110677-Seanna Ross- to Permit 138 ft dockClosedPL110677
1723 Muskoka Rd 118PL110715-Elliot two-storey garage varianceClosedPL110715
1070 Woodroffe RdPL110716-Lawson & Duval boathouse variancesClosedPL110716
15-1184 Mortimers Point RdPL110763- Davis OPA and ZBA for 2 storey boathouseClosedPL110763
1187 Cooper's Point RdPL110831-Kai Tukums - 1187 Cooper Point RdClosedPL110831
1119 Skeleton Lake Rd 2PL110878-By-law No. 2011-77ClosedPL110878
1042 Penny RdPL111039-By-law No. 2011-78ClosedPL111039
1183 Hamills Point Rd, Unit 7PL111337-By-law 2011-129ClosedPL111337
1701 Walker's Point RdPL111345-Kathy Long and Luanne HanceyClosedPL111345
1053 & 1054-1 River StPL120374-By-Law 2012-15 - Front Yard Set BackClosedPL120374
Part of Lots 32 & 33, Concession 13PL120378-Muskoka -ZBA 05/12ClosedPL120378
1416 Ferndale RdPL120557-C.Sherman-1416 Ferndale Road ClosedPL120557
1158 Ranwood Rd, Unit #33PL120693-R & S Unruh - 1158 Ranwood RoadClosedPL120693
1244 Penninsula RdPL120716- Mehlenbacher boathouse, MuskokaClosedPL120716
1087 Island Park RdPL120725-Robert Bell Thomas, boathouse/DwellingClosedPL120725
97 Joseph StPL120726-ZBL 2012-57, Commercial Bldg.ClosedPL120726
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL121080-Waldon Dock and BoathouseClosedPL121080
Part of Lot 29, Conc.2, Part I, Plan 35R-23167PL121104-1697707 Ont. Ltd., Pt Lot 29, Conc 2OpenPL121104
Part Lot 11, Conc 8PL121326-Gesualdi, in Trust - New boathouseClosedPL121326
Part Lot 33, Conc 6, MedoraPL130189-Donald Oliver, Rezone EP1 to GRClosedPL130189
1843 Brackenrig Rd, Unit #10PL130257-B & M Starkman - 10-1843 Brackenrig RdClosedPL130257
1558 Juddhaven RdPL130259-M & M Hanley - 1558 Juddhaven RoadClosedPL130259
2389 Muskoka Rd 118PL130679-R&E Denstedt - commercial useClosedPL130679
1050 Hemlock Point Side RdPL130681-J. Sternthal-1050 Hemlock Point SideroadClosedPL130681
Part of Lot 32, Concession 2PL130936-Hanna's Landing-mixed density residentialClosedPL130936
1131 Tondern Island RdPL131034-C. Beaton - 1131 Tondern Island RdClosedPL131034
1049 Hamill's Point RdPL131064-JD Smith - 1049 Hamill's Point RoadClosedPL131064
1209 Breezy Point Rd, Unit 1APL131295-By-law 2013 - 105ClosedPL131295
Star Island, Lake JosephPL140067-By-law 2013-142ClosedPL140067
206 R60 Tobin's IslandPL140090-K. Meredith - Lk. Rosseau-Tobin Is.ClosedPL140090
14 Indian CresPL140091-R&J Leenaars-14 Indian CresClosedPL140091
1085 Kingsett Rd, Unit 5PL140333 - Stone Boathouse and DeckClosedPL140333
1090 Gull Wing Lake RdPL140390-YMCA - Camp Pinecrest ZBAClosedPL140390
Part of Lot 31 & 32, Concession 9PL140476-BMO Trust Company, Pt Lots 31,32, Conc 9ClosedPL140476
Perch Island, Lake JosephPL141207-BL 2014-101, Perch IslandClosedPL141207
1350 Clear Lake Rd, Unit # 5PL150041-R. & D. Curry, 1350 Clear Lake Rd, #5ClosedPL150041
3-1166 Morinus RdPL150042-Michael Koff BoathouseClosedPL150042
5 Hiawatha LanePL150217-Blair & Anita Marsden, 5 Hiawatha LaneClosedPL150217
1250 South Monck DrPL150220-Flye, 1250 South Monck DriveClosedPL150220
Entire Township Of Muskoka LakesPL150235-By-law 2014-14, Comprehensive ZBLClosedPL150235
Bluff Island, Lake JosephPL150391-T. Salter - One Storey BoathouseClosedPL150391
13-1265 Rosseau Lake Rd 2PL150469-ZBL 2014-113 - Dock and BoathouseClosedPL150469
1105 Rosseau Lake Rd 2, Unit 20PL150561-Karayannopoulos boathouseClosedPL150561
Part of Lot 33, Con13, Pts4&5, Plan35R-8064PL150636-Smith Estate, 1121 Scarcliffe Rd Unit 16ClosedPL150636
1069 Beaumaris Rd, Unit #6 (Monck)PL150745-S. Keshen - 1069 Beaumaris Rd. Unit 6ClosedPL150745
3864 Muskoka Rd #118PL150804-MRC Rock Holdings Inc. RezoningClosedPL150804
1330 Lake Rosseau Rd 2PL150907-Redstone on Lake Rosseau Site PlanClosedPL150907
1114 Hemlock PointPL160038-Gloria Tilson, 1114 Hemlock PtClosedPL160038
2-1063 Orgills Point RdPL160049 -2383375 Ont.Inc. Boathouse Dock VarianceClosedPL160049
R-29-1 Woodmere IslandPL160050-1439528 Ont. Inc. R-29-1 Woodmere IslandClosedPL160050
1059 Montgomery DrPL160487-Browne conversion -a 2-storey boathouseClosedPL160487
1039 McDonald RdPL160533-The Cove Marina docking expansion ClosedPL160533
23-1900 Mortimers Point RdPL160906-Finnie Boathouse with Dock structureClosedPL160906
2750 Muskoka Rd 169PL170027-Clear Lake Village Resort proposed MMFClosedPL170027
60-1058 Whitings RdPL170111-Bill & Jane O'Malley, 60-1058 Whitings RdClosedPL170111
Reef Island, Lake JosephPL170402- PJD Properties Inc. new constructionClosedPL170402
1182 Ashforth DrPL170419-Doracin & Harding boathouse & deck ClosedPL170419
Part of Lots 9 & 10, Concession 5PL170795-William & Barbara Boyer ZBA 66/16OpenPL170795
13-1265 Rosseau Lake RoadPL170797-2518412 Ontario Inc. ZBA 17/17ClosedPL170797
1089 Butler Mill RoadPL170824-Frank & Elizabeth Lippa, OP 46OpenPL170824
1095 Murphy RoadPL170902-Franklin dwelling conversion & hallwayClosedPL170902
1109 Milford Bay RoadPL171067-Tchoukanov, 1109 Milford Bay RdClosedPL171067
1136 Old Parry Sound RdPL171069-DEMCOA severances & ownership transferClosedPL171069
Part Lots 24 & 25, Conc 4, Parts 2-6, Plan35R-6501PL171072-Centre West Mg't new lot and severancesClosedPL171072
1391 Rosseau Road 1, Unit 33PL171083-E. Demirian,1391 Rosseau Lake Rd1 Unit33ClosedPL171083
Part of Lot 5, Concession 11PL171106-BL 2016-155, Pink creation of 4 new lotsClosedPL171106
120 & 122 Medora LakePL171343-Muskoka Worldpeace C.C. VarianceClosedPL171343
Part Lots 17&18, Conc 6 & Part Original Shore RdPL171437-Villas Draft Plan of CondominiumOpenPL171437
1331 South Monck RoadPL180138-Luke Pattman, 1331 South Monck Rd.ClosedPL180138
2-2046 Peninsula RoadPL180523-TRG-KFH (Lakeside) Inc. SubdivisionOpenPL180523
107 Island R60PL180772-Oldbert, 107 Island R60 (Tobin's Island)ClosedPL180772
1080 Glen Gordon RoadPL180844-Noonan/McIntosh five new waterfront lotsClosedPL180844
1005 Strathdee RoadPL180875-Falkanger residential developmentClosedPL180875
1061 Camel Lake Road ExtensionPL180887-Evans, Camel Lake SubdivisonClosedPL180887
1008 Lidsley Road, Unit 4PL180925-Cosentino, 1008 Lidsley Rd, Unit 4ClosedPL180925
1805 Peninsula Road, Unit 332PL180944-Herrmann, 1805 Peninsula Rd, Unit 332ClosedPL180944
3063 Muskoka Road 169PL190079-Bala Bay Inn, permit Staff QuartersOpenPL190079
1646 Juddhaven RoadPL190245-Thomas Kofman, 1646 Juddhaven RoadClosedPL190245
1089 Butler Mill RoadPL190346-OPA 52, to Permit rock crushing OpenPL190346
4 Home IslandPL190535- Thom, 4 Home Island DockOpenPL190535
Name Card Not AssignedPL190535- Thom, 4 Home Island DockOpenPL190535
1018 Islander RoadPL190583-F. Mens & A. Archer, 499 John StreetClosedPL190583
1033 Section House RoadPL200032-R. D. & J. Butcher, ZBA MuskokaOpenPL200032
1046 Craigie Lea Road Unit #10PL200046-Pafer Muskoka Inc,10-1046 Craigie Lea RdClosedPL200046
22-1059 Big Joe RoadPL200146-Gloria Yusishen, Permit req'd for dockOpenPL200146