Current E-Status Case List for Woodstock

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the LPAT or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
423 Devonshire AveDC130005-DC By-law 8480-08ClosedDC130005
Part Lots 15 & 16, Concession 2LC070043-Bakker vs City of WoodstockClosedLC070043
1336 Parkinson RdLC120048-Robert W Virtue vs City of WoodstockClosedLC120048
36 Mill StLC160039-1058506 Ont.Inc.vs The County of OxfordClosedLC160039
Name Card Not AssignedMM080001-Oxford (Woodstock) Protest of FeesClosedMM080001
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 115, Starbank Development CClosedPL070085
Name Card Not AssignedDouglas Herbert EdeClosedPL070197
Name Card Not AssignedKennedy, additional residentialClosedPL070202
Name Card Not AssignedCounty OPA 113-City of WoodstocClosedPL070686
Name Card is Inactive as ContactStarbank Development Corporation, bank useClosedPL070949
W Side of Riddell St, N of Ingersoll AvePL080376-Losee HomesClosedPL080376
Lot 15, Concession 2PL090084-Forecast (Woodstock Devonshire) Inc.ClosedPL090084
411-413 Dundas StPL090344-Beatwin Ontario Inc.ClosedPL090344
415 Norwich AvePL090417-Starbank Developments 1678 Corp.ClosedPL090417
615288 & 61286 13th LinePL090847-Allan Development Inc.ClosedPL090847
634 Princess StPL091003-Cohoe Residential Conversion VariancesClosedPL091003
Part Lot 5, Concession 12PL100306-Golda Development Inc.ClosedPL100306
712 Peel StPL100424-Children's Aid Society of Oxford CountyClosedPL100424
577 Norwich AvePL100467-Maranatha Christian Reformed CurchClosedPL100467
168 Victoria St S & 175 Wellington St SPL100885-Norquay Developments Ltd.ClosedPL100885
Lands known as Havelock CornersPL111264-OPA No. 160ClosedPL111264
15 Summit CresPL111302-Kelly residential severanceClosedPL111302
269 Pittock RdPL121160-Allen Developments Inc.-Townhouse Dev.ClosedPL121160
415 Norwich AvePL130074-Starbank, 415 Norwich AveClosedPL130074
18 Vansittart AvePL130320-ZBA 8830-13, Residential UseClosedPL130320
Part Lot 14, Conc. 1& Part Lot 5, Ref.Pl.41R-7781PL130516-Woodstock CrematoriumClosedPL130516
705525 Devonshire AvePL150199-ZBL 8966-15 - Prestige Industrial ZoneClosedPL150199
PT Ltd 4 & 5, Conc. 13 (EZ)PL160637-Thames Developments Inc. RezoningClosedPL160637
250 Huron StreetPL180183-1266639 Ontario Inc. 250 Huron StClosedPL180183