Current E-Status Case List for Durham

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedDurham-Development Charges By-lClosedDC030012
Name Card Not AssignedDurham-Development Charges By-lClosedDC030012
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC080008-Region of Durham DC BL 44-2008ClosedDC080008
All Lands Within Durham Except ClaringtonDC100003-DDSB-DC By-law 2009ClosedDC100003
All Lands Within Durham Except ClaringtonDC100004-DCDSB- DC By-Law 2009ClosedDC100004
Seaton Community DC110002-DC By-law 33-2011ClosedDC110002
503 Stone StDC130003-DC BL 44/08,67/07 - 503 Stone St, OshawaClosedDC130003
1841 New StDC140005-DC By-law 16-2013ClosedDC140005
All Lands Subject to DC By-Law 28-2018DC180017-DC By-law 28-2018OpenDC180017
All Lands Subject To DC By-Law 29-2018DC180021-DC By-law 29-2018 Carruthers Creek ClosedDC180021
All Lands in the Region of DurhamDC190008-EDC By-law 2019, DDSBClosedDC190008
All Lands in the Region of DurhamDC190009-EDC By-law 2019, DCDSBClosedDC190009
Part of Lot 19, Concession 2LC120017-Don & Son Building & Lunaro vs DurhamClosedLC120017
Roads Intersect/Run Into King's Hwy 407MM110029-Road Closingf-Pickering/Whitby/OshawaClosedMM110029
King's Highway 407 EastMM140073-MTO - Road closuresClosedMM140073
Name Card Not AssignedDurham ROPA No. 114OpenPL060978
Any and all Lands in the Region of DurhamPL100386-OPA #128ClosedPL100386
Whole RegionPL101409-Durham ROPA 128OpenPL101409
Lots 29, 30 and 31, Concession 1PL120466-OPA 2007-005-Durham RegionClosedPL120466
727 Shoal Point RdPL150303-Magnum Opus Dev. Corp. OPAClosedPL150303
Part Lot 20, Concession 4PL160757-ROPA 160, SASE Aggr. Ltd. Pit expansionClosedPL160757
4031 Regional Road 57PL180808-OPA172 Youngfield Farms severanceClosedPL180808
3670 Proutt RoadPL190321-Youngfield Farms Ltd., 3670 Proutt RoadClosedPL190321
4560 (4500) Thickson Road NorthPL190638-Optilinx Systems, Major Open Space AreaOpenPL190638