Current E-Status Case List for Whitby

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part of Lot 27 And 28, Concession 6LC110045-Brooklin Dev v Min of TransportationClosedLC110045
6200 Coronation RdLC120036-Evanshen & Coito vs MTOClosedLC120036
4840 Coronation RdLC130010-B.L. Avis & S.Jackson- MTOClosedLC130010
1240 Rossland RdLC130011-East Valley Farms Ltd and MTOClosedLC130011
Frontage on both Taunton Rd & Halls RdLC130012-T.Arnts Loam Supply and MTOOpenLC130012
1280 Rossland RdLC130013-J. M. O'Connor and MTOClosedLC130013
Part of Lot 33, Concession 2-3-4LC130040-Monarch Corp et al v. MTOClosedLC130040
6225 Coronation RdLC130049-S.Abdelati vs. Min of TransportationClosedLC130049
617 Vicotria St ELC140012-West Hill et al vs. MetrolinxClosedLC140012
Part of Lot 31, Concession 6LC140023-Munshaw, Corallo vs. MTOClosedLC140023
975 Winchester Rd WLC140030-693316 Ontario Ltd. vs MTOClosedLC140030
Name Card is Inactive as ContactLC160025-CC & FS - Toronto vs. MTO ClosedLC160025
1121 Center Street SouthLC180021-Jan Ford & Karen Hashimoto vs. MTOClosedLC180021
775 Lake Ridge Rd NLC180029-Ross, Gray, Levine Estate vs. MTO OpenLC180029
Name Card is Inactive as ContactMM170064-Heritage BL 7297-17 (Werden's Plan)ClosedMM170064
40M-2636 Blocks 145, 147, 148, 150MM200012-Part Lot Control Blocks 145,147,148,150ClosedMM200012
Name Card Not AssignedBaif/WolsterClosedPL967941
Name Card Not AssignedDurham HeightsClosedPL970815
Name Card Not AssignedSchickedanz -rezoning - condo pClosedPL070308
Name Card Not AssignedRoberto CuzzolinoClosedPL070881
19 Sandford CresPL080041-Frank & Karen StockerClosedPL080041
1243 Dundas St EPL080086-MPI Group INCClosedPL080086
Part of Lots 29 & 30, Broken Front Conc.PL080273-Whitby By The Lake Inc.ClosedPL080273
Name Card Not AssignedPL080575-Mixed-use retail-commercial developmentClosedPL080575
4080 Garrard RdPL080941-1472478 Ontario Ltd.ClosedPL080941
Lots 29 & 30, Conc 1PL080980-Nordeagle Developments Inc.ClosedPL080980
Name Card Not AssignedPL081346-1725432 Ontario Ltd.ClosedPL081346
53 Ian Fleming CresPL081386-Marilyn TaylorClosedPL081386
715 Hickory StPL090052-Katherine TrousdaleClosedPL090052
445 Winchester Rd EPL090468-RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustClosedPL090468
1606, 1610 and 1614 Charles StPL090617-1675239 Ontario LimitedClosedPL090617
4605 Garrard RdPL090698-Riocan Property ServicesClosedPL090698
20 Parkview BlvdPL100449-DeSousa Homes Inc.ClosedPL100449
Part Lot 24, Concession 6, BrooklinPL100580-Abalan Development Corp.ClosedPL100580
1010 Dundas St EPL110349-2074359 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL110349
4070 Garrard RdPL110525-1725432 Ontario Ltd residential severanceClosedPL110525
Part Lot 25, Concession 4PL110648-Canadian Tire Real Estate Limited-B036ClosedPL110648
109 Hunter StPL110889-Maria KoroscikClosedPL110889
226 Centre St NPL111307-Sarah A. McDougallClosedPL111307
120 Hunter StPL111308-Idris OmerClosedPL111308
312 Powell RdPL111309- Anna & Joseph LombardiClosedPL111309
Block 69, Plan 40M-2241, south of Columbus RdPL111319-By-law No. 6542-11ClosedPL111319
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL120500-OPA No. 90 - D13 - Growth PlanClosedPL120500
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL120986-Toland Accessory StructureClosedPL120986
1632 Rossland Rd EPL120987-Sharma 2-storey single dwellingClosedPL120987
Part Lot 29 BF ConcessionPL121263-Whitby by the Lake Inc., Lot 29, BF Conc.ClosedPL121263
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL121265-Moolco, gas bar dev.. & othersOpenPL121265
Part of Lot 25, Concession 1PL130466-1056626 Ontario Inc., Residential UseClosedPL130466
47 Ian Fleming CresPL130882-Xpert Credit Inc -47 Ian Fleming CresClosedPL130882
5605 Baldwin St S & OPA 85 AreaPL131118-OPA 85ClosedPL131118
40M 2422, Block 126PL131365-Lyndebrook Development - Baldwin RoadClosedPL131365
48 Greenbush PlacePL140322-J & M Siciliano, 48 Greenbush PlaceClosedPL140322
600 Byron St SPL140491 - Karkas New Dwelling Variance SeveranceClosedPL140491
10 Belton CrtPL140849 - Fountain GazeboClosedPL140849
West Whitby Secondary Plan AreaPL140951-OPA 91, West Whitby Secondary Plan AreaClosedPL140951
98 Applewood CresPL141328-R. & C. San Antonio, 98 Applewood CresOpenPL141328
3545 Garrard Rd (Lots 4-31)PL150155-Adalan Dev. Corp., 3545 Garrard RdOpenPL150155
303 Mary St EPL150457-800715 Ontario Inc. - 303 Mary St. E.ClosedPL150457
116 Hunter StPL150856 - Suleman Variance Second DrivewayClosedPL150856
113 Hunter StPL151163 - Suleman driveway varianceClosedPL151163
Part of Lot 22, Conc. 3PL151205 -Medallion Dev. (Dryden) Ltd. SubdivisionClosedPL151205
115 Euclid St, WhitbyPL160381-Nicholas Piccione, 115 Euclid StClosedPL160381
58 Tincomb CresPL160594-Anthony Driveway VariancesClosedPL160594
228 Brock St NPL160804-Cindy Suppan, Vehicular EasementClosedPL160804
South east corner of Baldwin St N & Carnwith Dr EPL160865-Brooklin Meadows Ltd. townhouse variancesClosedPL160865
4535 Coronation RdPL160866-Craig Baxter, 4535 Coronation RdClosedPL160866
715 Hickory St NPL160867- Bruno New Dwelling VariancesClosedPL160867
Lot 28, Concession 3PL161063-CBOQF SeveranceClosedPL161063
Part of Lots 25, 26, 27 & 28, BF Concession, et alPL170616-OPA 104, Port Whitby Community SPAClosedPL170616
401 Reynolds StPL170980-Trafalgar Castle School land developmentClosedPL170980
1300 Giffard StPL171081-The Inverlynn Estate Ltd., SPClosedPL171081
51 Meadow CresPL171109-French , 51 Meadow CrescentClosedPL171109
201 Hopkins RoadPL171116-Showcase Hopkins Zoning By-law AmendmentClosedPL171116
NE Corner of Baldwin & CarnwithPL171134-Brooklin Meadows developmentClosedPL171134
450 Myrtle Rd WPL171254-1804072 Ontario Inc. Site PlanClosedPL171254
4335 Garden St.PL171475-OPA 105, Town of Whitby Official PlanClosedPL171475
590 Myrtle Rd WPL171506-Uxbridge Nurseries developmentOpenPL171506
Town of WhitbyPL180720-OPA 108, Brooklin Comm. Secondary PlanClosedPL180720
219 Bowman AvenuePL190006-Gallop existing carport varianceClosedPL190006
160 Hillcrest DrivePL190386- Hitesh Jhaveri, 160 Hillcrest DriveOpenPL190386
7260 Baldwin Street NorthPL190393-C. & F. Batty, 7260 Baldwin Street NorthOpenPL190393
1201+1207 Brock St S & 1200+1202 Green StPL190545-Bara Group, 8-storey mixed use bldg. ZBAOpenPL190545
143 Garrard RoadPL200057-BL0218, 143 Garrard Rd.OpenPL200057
70 Taunton Road EastPL200190-BL 7613-20, Self-storage warehouse ClosedPL200190
840 Rossland Road WestPL200454-OPA 118, two 7-8 storey mixed apartmentsOpenPL200454
423-435 Brock Street N.PL200651-DxD_Whitby Brock Estates, 7-storey apt.OpenPL200651
4618 Country LanePL210155-BL 7713-21, place of worshipOpenPL210155
601 Athol StreetPL210213-B Achtenberg et al, 601 Athol StreetOpenPL210213
1578 Victoria Street EastPL210240-BL #7729-21,6- & 5-storey hotelsOpenPL210240
613 Henry StreetPL210327-Girish Chandra, 613 Henry StreetOpenPL210327