Current E-Status Case List for Norfolk

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedCity s OP error correctionClosedPL981223
Name Card Not AssignedLovell Machine ShopClosedPL000733
Name Card Not AssignedNichol s GravelClosedPL990656
Name Card Not AssignedPeacock App. B/L 2001-290ClosedPL020361
Name Card Not AssignedNorfolk Wellhead Protection PolClosedPL040100
Name Card Not AssignedSeverance for infilling - HarryClosedPL050602
Name Card Not AssignedLoyis/Kociuk-surplus dwelling lClosedPL060762
Name Card Not AssignedLasanowski- house lotClosedPL070046
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 28-Z-2007ClosedPL070511
Name Card Not AssignedDavid RyerseClosedPL070521
Name Card Not AssignedNightingale-lot merging thru coClosedPL070567
Name Card Not AssignedTilroe -Industrial/Business ParClosedPL070592
Name Card Not AssignedMilea - consent for boundary adClosedPL070702
Part Lots 7 & 8, Concession 9 Townsend et alPL071023-OPA 23ClosedPL071023
Part Lot 20, Plan 133PL080765-Gary & Heather KoncirClosedPL080765
Part Lots 6 & 7, Concession 7PL080848-Villages of Long Point Bay Inc.ClosedPL080848
8 Walter StPL081058-Gibbs - increased lot coverageClosedPL081058
Name Card Not AssignedPL081435 - R. Greenland & F. VerspeetenClosedPL081435
2 Sea Breeze DrPL081446-Norfolk County By-law 74-Z-2008ClosedPL081446
Name Card Not AssignedPL090088-Norfolk County Official PlanClosedPL090088
963 Concession 11PL090261-Mark, excavating contractor's yardOpenPL090261
29 Poplar RdPL090265-Smith, cottage developmentClosedPL090265
93 Mann AvePL090755-Paulo MiguelClosedPL090755
Part Lot 10, Concession 6PL090792-Sittler Enviromental Inc.ClosedPL090792
Lakeshore Special Policy Area Secondary PlanPL091073-Norfolk County OPA No. 28ClosedPL091073
12 Erie BlvdPL091193-at Play Adventures, seasonal apartmentsClosedPL091193
15 Industrial RdPL100395-By-law - Norfolk Co ZN-001/2010ClosedPL100395
109 Dover Mills RdPL100875-Wamsley et al severanceClosedPL100875
Name Card Not AssignedPL101076-OPA 32 & ZBL 44-Z-2010 vacation homeClosedPL101076
172 Union St and 175 Robinson StPL101267- By-law 57-Z-2010ClosedPL101267
Part Lot 7, Conc 12, 1421 Windham Rd 13PL110086-Kwarciany OPA for agricultural severanceClosedPL110086
Swal Con 1 Pt Lot 24 (77 Townline Rd)PL110359-William Brearley ClosedPL110359
Part Lot 18, Gore, Geographic Township of WoodhousPL110428-Westwood Trail Inc., subdivisionClosedPL110428
Part Lot 24, Concession 9PL110466-BL15-Z-2011 Picard Foods microbreweryClosedPL110466
Chr Con 8 Pt Lot 23 (Concession 3 Rd)PL110484-Cober consent for boundary adjustmentClosedPL110484
2970 Swimming Pool RdPL110599--By-law-15-Z-2011ClosedPL110599