Current E-Status Case List for Milton

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
All lands within the Town of MiltonDC110015-Milton DC By-law No. 087-2011ClosedDC110015
Name Card Not AssignedMazza vs. ORCClosedLC040014
1687 Lower Base Line EastLC140034-De Menna vs OntarioOpenLC140034
7080 No. 5 Side RdLC160017-Crestglade Investments v. HaltonClosedLC160017
8675 First LineLC160018-E. Manson Investments v. HaltonClosedLC160018
7080 No. 5 Side RdLC170003-Crestglade v. HaltonClosedLC170003
7188 No. 5 Side RdLC170004-E. Manson v. HaltonClosedLC170004
0 Tremaine Rd, 7649 Tremaine RdLC170006-1625488/1652157 vs. HaltonOpenLC170006
8674 Dublin LineLC170034-E Manson Inv.Ltd. v. Reg. Mun. of HaltonClosedLC170034
Part Lot 13, Concession 2LC190017-Reg. Municipality of Halton v. MiltonClosedLC190017
Part Lot 14, Concession 5LC200009-Bruhm Development Ltd vs. MTO OpenLC200009
6063 Fifth LineLC210007-Ron & Marilyn Willis v. Halton RegionOpenLC210007
11612 Britannia RoadLC210008-Kurd v. Halton RegionOpenLC210008
Part Lot 8, Concession 1MM120023-Milton Main Street Homes Ltd., feeClosedMM120023
33 Whitmer StMM130061-33 Whitmer Street, Del Ridge (Westside)ClosedMM130061
Name Card Not AssignedJoint Board - Central Milton HoClosedPL990305
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 144-2003 - Milton CompreClosedPL031213
Name Card Not AssignedRadha Soami Society BeasClosedPL041037
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 15 - Secondary Plan -SherwoClosedPL050015
Name Card Not AssignedShellrock DevelopmentsClosedPL051288
Name Card Not AssignedPio CivieroClosedPL070119
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 22 + First CapitalClosedPL070435
Name Card Not AssignedElkford Investments -Plan of suClosedPL070618
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 059-2007ClosedPL070672
Name Card Not AssignedEdward PoultonClosedPL070871
Part of Lots 3, 4 & 5, Concession IIPL080303 - 991045 Ontario Ltd. By-law - 007-2008ClosedPL080303
388 Wilson DrPL081198-Patrick DoccasClosedPL081198
All LandsPL081229-Housekeeping By-lawClosedPL081229
11225 Inglis DrPL081259-TomasClosedPL081259
Name Card Not AssignedPL090328-Woodbine Entertainment GroupClosedPL090328
350 Ontario St SPL090394-Zammit, day nurseryClosedPL090394
189 Mill StPL090502-1244118 Ontario Ltd. (Sargent Farms)ClosedPL090502
Part Lot 11, Concession 4PL090933-Milton Mosaics Limited, subdivisionClosedPL090933
Name Card Not AssignedPL090933-Milton Mosaics Limited, subdivisionClosedPL090933
1320 Mowat LanePL100624-Rose Melodie ClosedPL100624
383 Main St EPL100949-DelRidge (Main Street) Inc. Site PlanClosedPL100949
Part Lots 4 and 5, Concession 1, EsquesingPL101316-Milton Meadows Properties Inc.ClosedPL101316
Part Lot 3, Concession 1, EsquesingPL101334-1321387 Ontario Inc.OpenPL101334
Part Lot 1, Concession 1, EsquesingPL101335-Andrin (Milton) Properties LimitedOpenPL101335
Name Card Not AssignedPL110085-David AleongClosedPL110085
54 Main St EPL111182-Integrated Bioenergetic Medicine CorpClosedPL111182
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL111192-Pro-Fast Restoration Ltd.ClosedPL111192
3340 Main St WPL120010-Zoning By-Law 120-2011ClosedPL120010
Part Lot 10, Conc 1PL120080-By-law 124-11ClosedPL120080
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL120120-Hoopp Realty Inc.ClosedPL120120
6004 Trafalgar RdPL120982-Gill & Associates Inc. additionClosedPL120982
281 Alliance RdPL121161-281 Alliance Road, waste transfer stationClosedPL121161
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL121420-Milton Growth Plan, 9063 Twiss RoadClosedPL121420
Corner Lot Victoria/Elizabeth St - Lot A, Plan 17PL130424-D Bruce, Lot A, Plan 17ClosedPL130424
11565 Guelph LinePL130693-S. Beaulieu - Horticultural FarmClosedPL130693
2169 Southcott DrPL131091-2169 Southcott Drive, HugesClosedPL131091
Lands between Louis St, Laurent Ave, James Snow PaPL131111-OPA No. 30, Boyne Survey Secondary PlanClosedPL131111
33 Whitmer StPL140224-33 Whitmer Street, Del Ridge (Westside)ClosedPL140224
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL140294-Town of Milton ZBL No. 016-2014OpenPL140294
All lands east of James Snow Pky, south of 401PL140306-OPA 29, Derry Green Corp. Business ParkClosedPL140306
405-475 Ontario St SPL141276-Hallawest, 405-475 Ontario Street SouthClosedPL141276
7651 Milburough LinePL141325-7651 Milburough Line, rehab centreClosedPL141325
100 Nipissing RdPL150611-2218649 Ont. Inc., 100 Nipissing RdClosedPL150611
254 Main St SPL150744-Reginald Adams, 254 Main St SouthClosedPL150744
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL160760-2332133 Ontario Inc., mixed-use dev.ClosedPL160760
6 and 12 Main St NPL160908-1349209 Ontario Ltd., restaurant/patioClosedPL160908
69 Miles StPL170403-Condren, 2-storey detachedClosedPL170403
155 Ruhl DrPL170482-1945057 Ontario Ltd 3-storey office bldgClosedPL170482
885 Lower Base Line WPL171344-M. & D. Nagy, 885 Lower Baseline RdClosedPL171344
151 Steeles Avenue EastPL180234-BL 021-2018 High Point Retail Warehouse ClosedPL180234
80 Ontario St NPL180603-Catherton, 80 Ontario Street NorthClosedPL180603
Part Lot 12 & 13, Concession 2PL180662-1255723 Ontario Inc., mixed-use dev'tClosedPL180662
Lands within The Town Of MiltonPL180954-Town of Milton OPA 31OpenPL180954
130 Thompson RoadPL190125-B139H-OPA 53, 3 mixed-use high-rise buildClosedPL190125
2750 Highpoint DrivePL190621-1837260 Ontario Inc., 2750 Highpoint Dr.ClosedPL190621
11260 Inglis DrivePL200127-B. & M. Gangar, 11260 Inglis DriveClosedPL200127