Current E-Status Case List for Oakville

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC090062-DC BLs 2009-118 and 2009-119, OakvilleClosedDC090062
420-468 South Service Rd EDC160003-GE DC ComplaintClosedDC160003
Name Card Not Assignedeekbank Developments LimitedClosedJB060001
Name Card Not Assigneddd Brothers et al vs MTOClosedLC060044
Name Card Not Assignedliana A. Fraculj vs MTOClosedLC070028
Part Lot 13, Concession 3LC080041-Rosart Properties Inc. vs MTOClosedLC080041
Part Lot 21, Concession 1, NDSLC100018-McGowan vs Halton (Region)OpenLC100018
Name Card is Inactive as ContactLC150010-McGowan vs Halton (Region)ClosedLC150010
Part of Lot 21, Concession. 1, North of Dundas StrLC150011- Vassallo v. HaltonClosedLC150011
1279 Lakeshore Rd WLC170017-Stahl vs Region of Halton_DxDOpenLC170017
485 Trafalgar Rd, 271, 301, 321, 351 and 361...MM080056-FCHT Holdings (Ontario) CorporationClosedMM080056
307 Fourth Line and 493 Dundas St WMM080062-Davis-Minardi and Denbridge DevelopmentsClosedMM080062
Name Card is Inactive as ContactMM080063-Arrassa Investments Inc. and TimsinClosedMM080063
140-158 Bronte RdMM100044-Protest of Fee-OakvilleClosedMM100044
521 to 549 Kerr StMM120007-Riverstone Residences Inc., cash in lieuClosedMM120007
South East Corner of Upper Middle Rd & Joshuas CreMM120043-Upper Middle Road GP Inc., fees protestClosedMM120043
3075 Trafalgar RdMM130006-Minto/Dundas-Trafalger, protest of feesClosedMM130006
Name Card Not AssignedMM130080-Star Oak Developments Ltd., fees appealClosedMM130080
467 Dundas St EMM140015-Shieldbay Developments Inc., fees protestClosedMM140015
180 William StMM140023-C. Gate, 180 William StreetClosedMM140023
2250 Chancery Lane WestMM140024-2250 Chancery Lane West- Motion RequestClosedMM140024
296, 300, 312 Randall St and 131&135 Trafalgar RdMM140052-Randall Rose Homes - ParklandClosedMM140052
North East Corner of Dundas St W and Third LineMM150073-Oakville Green Dev., protest of feesClosedMM150073
2158 to 2192 Trafalgar RdMM150074-1319284 Ontario Inc., valuation of landClosedMM150074
First and Second Street Heritage Conservation DistMM160001-Oakville By-law No. 2015-112ClosedMM160001
58 and 62 Shepherd RdMM160046-58 and 62 Shepherd Road, cash-in-lieuClosedMM160046
1333 Dorval DrMM170001-Clublink, motion for completenessClosedMM170001
1333 Dorval DrMM170004-Clublink, payment under protestClosedMM170004
49 First StMM170059-Botelho & Giankos, Heritage Permit ApplicClosedMM170059
1313 & 1333 Dorval DrMM180022-ClubLink, Glen Abbey Golf Club Redev.ClosedMM180022
1435 Cornwall RoadMM180064-Melrose Investments value of landClosedMM180064
2441 Lakeshore Rd W and 125 & 133 Bronte RdMM190010-Bronte Village Ltd, cash in lieuClosedMM190010
2444 - 2468 Old Bronte RoadMM210017-Zancor Oakville Ltd., Parkland disputeClosedMM210017
Name Card Not AssignedResidential - Palm Place - OakvClosedPL031169
Name Card Not AssignedImperial Oil site plan approvalClosedPL040731
Name Card Not AssignedCavu Enterprises Ltd. Storage vClosedPL040894
Name Card Not AssignedNorth Oakville Sec Plan -Star OClosedPL041188
Name Card Not Assignedotest of Fees, North OakvilleClosedPL050219
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - ENO Invest et al.ClosedPL050267
Name Card Not Assigned-law 2005-078ClosedPL050908
Name Card Not Assigned9 Freehold Townhouses, ZBL/CON/ClosedPL051091
Name Card Not Assignednigire Holdings Inc., subdivisiClosedPL051163
Name Card Not AssignedRT Investments Corp., subdivisiClosedPL051164
Name Card Not Assigned3625 Ontario Limited, subdivisiClosedPL051165
Name Card Not Assignedar Oak Developments Limited, suClosedPL051166
Name Card Not Assignedar Oak Developments Limited, suClosedPL051167
Name Card Not Assignedl-Oak Developments Inc., subdivClosedPL051168
Name Card Not Assignedessa Developments Ltd., subidivClosedPL051169
Name Card Not Assigned64984 Ontario Limited, subdivisClosedPL051170
Name Card Not Assignednoak Developments Inc., subdiviClosedPL051171
Name Card Not Assigned4072 Ontario Limited, subdivisiClosedPL051172
Name Card Not Assignedwer Fourth Development LimitedClosedPL051173
Name Card Not AssignedG.G.C. Acquisition Corp., subdiClosedPL051174
Name Card Not Assignedo Investments Limited, subdivisClosedPL051175
Name Card Not Assignederborne Lodge Devevelopments LtClosedPL051176
Name Card Not Assignedkville 23-2 Inc., subdivisionClosedPL051177
Name Card Not Assignedaydon Banning Ltd., subdivisionClosedPL051178
Name Card Not Assignedcasa Group Ltd., subdivisionClosedPL051185
Name Card Not Assignedibaden Investments Inc. and ShiClosedPL051186
Name Card Not Assignede Bar West Realty Corp., subdivClosedPL051187
Name Card Not Assignedvis-Minardi and Denbridge DevelClosedPL051188
Name Card Not Assignedeen Ginger Developments Inc.ClosedPL051189
Name Card Not AssignedFee Protest - Arrassa & TimsinClosedPL051315
Name Card Not AssignedPL081526-Melrose Business Park - Site PlanClosedPL081526
Name Card Not AssignedBirchgrove Estates Inc.ClosedPL050679
Name Card Not Assignedndent Developments Limited, subClosedPL051243
Name Card Not AssignedThornwood Dev.- 3 lotsClosedPL051313
Name Card Not Assignedell Canada Products, site planClosedPL060109
Pt Lot 33-35 Conc 3 SDSPulled from CMISADM dbUrban Core Rd Builder Consm.ClosedPL060432
Pulled from CMISADM dbUrban Core Rd Builder Consm.ClosedPL060432
Name Card Not AssignedAstra Capital Inc. - 87 ReynoldClosedPL060433
Name Card Not AssignedAshley Homes OPA & ZBLClosedPL060553
Name Card Not AssignedMaurice-Garden Development Inc.ClosedPL060689
Name Card Not AssignedNorthcote Properties, commerciaClosedPL061058
Name Card Not AssignedBronte Creek Community Ltd.ClosedPL061259
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 2006-206 - parking standClosedPL070052
1510, 1520, 1526 Lakeshore Rd W &53 BelvedeReichmann Seniors Housing Dev.ClosedPL070484
Name Card Not Assigned111-115 Prince Charles DrClosedPL070582
Name Card Not AssignedBronte Community Dev. Corp.ClosedPL070586
Name Card Not AssignedSmela - 3 unit houseClosedPL070617
Name Card Not AssignedPaul Vienneau - 399 Randall StrClosedPL070663
Name Card is Inactive as ContactOPA 275, Town of OakvilleClosedPL070682
Name Card Not AssignedJohn GoyderClosedPL070835
Name Card Not AssignedBy-Ways - Home Improvement StoClosedPL070928
3066 Seneca DrPL080363-Olga/Boris RezvanClosedPL080363
32 Dundas St EPL080366-Dundas Sixth Line Development Inc.ClosedPL080366
521 to 549 Kerr StPL080447-Empire Communities, 3 apt towersClosedPL080447
360 Oakville PlacePL080593-Creekbank Properties (Oakville) Ltd.ClosedPL080593
456 Lakeshore Rd WPL080659-Nexus (Lakeshore Oakville) Holdings Inc.ClosedPL080659
599 Lyons LanePL080691-Creekbank Properties (Lyons Lane) Ltd.ClosedPL080691
Part Lots 18 & 19, Conc 4PL080752-McCaulay Homes inc.ClosedPL080752
Part Lots 33 and 34, Concession 4PL080904-New Province Homes, 47 & 25 unit subClosedPL080904
1289 Marlborough CrtPL080919-Cap Rit Apartments Inc.ClosedPL080919
1250 and 1260 Montrose Abbey DrPL080961-1357177 Ontario Ltd, 10 townhouse condosClosedPL080961
Town WidePL080963-OPA 281ClosedPL080963
2389 Ontario StPL081008-OPA 280ClosedPL081008
Part of Lot 7, Registered Plan 1008PL081011-Helen PenningtonClosedPL081011
96 Nelson St, 2334-2364 Lakeshore Rd WPL081167-Gyu, Yazdanmehr, 2118593 Ont LtdClosedPL081167
137 Wilson StPL081214-Neptune GardensClosedPL081214
3047 Lakeshore Rd WPL081357-EAD Lakeshore Developments Inc.ClosedPL081357
360 Lakeshore Rd EPL081388-Allan-Colborne Development Corp.ClosedPL081388
140 Rebecca StPL090039-Westdale Development CorporationClosedPL090039
140, 144, 150, 154, 158 Bronte RdPL090104-Amica (Oakville South) Inc.ClosedPL090104
Block 212, Plan 20M-858PL090123-88718 Ontario Limited (Ashley Oaks Homes)ClosedPL090123
Name Card Not AssignedPL090292-MacKenzie Residential Minor VarianceClosedPL090292
12 Colonial CresPL090343-Bosco Residential VariancesClosedPL090343
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL090414-Oakville, OPA 296, IC By-law 2009-065ClosedPL090414
1502 Lakeshore Rd EPL090455-Edgemere Estate LimitedClosedPL090455
Blocks 3, 4 and 15, Plan 20M-1032PL090510-Silwell Developments LimitedClosedPL090510
2408 and 2480 Dundas St WPL090571-Fox Farm Developments Inc., subdivisionClosedPL090571
1102 Argyle DrPL090579-Mr. & Ms Khanna (1210299 Ontario Inc.)ClosedPL090579
1235 Trafalger RdPL090580-Healthcare Properties Holdings Ltd.ClosedPL090580
167 Navy StPL090584-Greywalls Developments OPA/BL/CondominiumClosedPL090584
Area bound by Dundas St W, Tremain Rd, Hwy 407,PL090614-OPA 289, North Oakville West Sec. PlanOpenPL090614
St. Ignatius Senior Secondary SchoolPL090795-St. Ignatius Senior Secondary SchoolClosedPL090795
350 Lakeshore Rd EPL091034-Elizabeth O'Neill Site Plan Appeal ClosedPL091034
56 Water StPL091050-The Oakville Club addition variancesClosedPL091050
60 John StPL091090-Funnel, DoreenClosedPL091090
201 Hayes BlvdPL091113-Silgold Developments Inc.ClosedPL091113
Block 8, Plan 20M-947 (Vacant Land)PL091148-The Synod of the Diocese of NiagaraClosedPL091148
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL100041-Town of Oakville, ZBL No. 2009-189OpenPL100041
All lands within the Town Of OakvillePL100058-New Town of Oakville Official PlanClosedPL100058
2363 Rock Point DrPL100068-Fred Klassen varianceClosedPL100068
132 & 136 Allan StPL100204-Melrose Investments Inc. et alClosedPL100204
296, 300, 312 Randall St & 293 Church StPL100214-Melrose Investments Ltd. et alClosedPL100214
3079 Seneca DrPL100286-Louise TaylorClosedPL100286
1500 Royal Windsor DrPL100299-TransCanada Energy Ltd., power facilityClosedPL100299
Part Lot 35, Concession 3PL100365-Oakville Great Lakes Marketplace Inc.ClosedPL100365
1395 North Service Rd WPL100394-Westbury International commercial towersClosedPL100394
29 The GreeneryPL100399-Variance - Town of OakvilleClosedPL100399
224 Allan StPL100478-Oakville Curling ClubClosedPL100478
278 Dundas St E and 2466 Trafalgar RdPL100549-1374264 Ontario Limited (Fitzsimmons)ClosedPL100549
74/76 Trafalgar RdPL100576-Alder Ridge Dev. Inc. apartment variancesClosedPL100576
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL100625-Town of Oakville IC By-law No. 2010-065ClosedPL100625
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL100637-Oakville ZBL 2010-047ClosedPL100637
394 Lakeshore Rd WPL100710-394 Lakeshore Oakville Holdings Inc.ClosedPL100710
22 Brookfield RdPL100769-Ivana StarcevicClosedPL100769
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL100815-Oakville Zoning By-law No. 2010-057ClosedPL100815
Name Card Not AssignedPL100821-Lakeshore Oakville Holdings Inc.ClosedPL100821
3047 and 3053 Seneca DrPL101138-J.Dye and S.Meadows.Residential SeveranceClosedPL101138
160 Burnet StPL101153-Vlassova. New Dwelling VariancesClosedPL101153
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL101242-Power generation facilitiesClosedPL101242
3134 Scotscraig CresPL110056-Khan. House Addition VarianceClosedPL110056
77 Barringham DrPL110103-Madan new residential home variancesClosedPL110103
1318 Odessa CresPL110133-Semple.Residential Addition VarianceClosedPL110133
2087 Upper Middle Rd EPL110171-Richard Fererick TomulkaClosedPL110171
Upper Middle Rd E/Ninth LinePL110172-Sheridan Lane Holdings Inc.ClosedPL110172
1130 Morrison Heights DrPL110285-Bridgitte SzybboClosedPL110285
2441 Lakeshore Rd WPL110708-Bronte Village Mall redevelopmentClosedPL110708
111 North Service Rd E et alPL110726-Gite severance condition appealClosedPL110726
175 Westdale RdPL111048-Sam & Olu AkinbolueClosedPL111048
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL111103-Hush Homes Inc. driveway varianceClosedPL111103
461 Bedford RdPL111172-Samantha LeonardClosedPL111172
3365 Liptay AvePL111327-Jonas and Rene IsraelClosedPL111327
453 Wedgewood DrivePL120025-Salman gfa/lot area ratio varianceClosedPL120025
303 Allan AvePL120052-A.Francis&W.Watson - 303 Allan StreetClosedPL120052
1315 Ario RdPL120285-Asghar lot to floor area ratio varianceClosedPL120285
1065 Lakeshore Rd E, Pt Lt 10, Con 3, S of DundasPL120344-Steve & Maria Bot - 1065 Lakeshore Rd EClosedPL120344
2092 Water's Edge DrPL120349-Karen Jensen - 2092 Water's Edge DrClosedPL120349
346 Watson AvePL120419-Moreau new 2-storey home minor variancesClosedPL120419
1133 Monastery DrPL120512-Yorkstar Developments Inc.ClosedPL120512
2310 Sovereign StPL120559-T. Niras, 2310 Sovereign StreetClosedPL120559
271 Westdale RdPL120588-Moschella new two-story dwelling varianceClosedPL120588
3521 Regional Rd 25PL120602-S.Davis- 3521 Bronte RoadClosedPL120602
1215 Lakeshore Rd WPL120855-Fernbrook Homes (Lakeshore) Ltd. ClosedPL120855
2774 South Sheridan WayPL120896-Marquee Hotels, Oakville Inc.ClosedPL120896
22 Lakeshore Rd WPL121056-Iannuzzi Brothers Inc., Restaurant useClosedPL121056
560 Winston Chruchill BlvdPL121335-Westerkirk Capital Inc.ClosedPL121335
112 Ulster DrPL121336-Maureen & Williaim Brown, 112 Ulster Dr.ClosedPL121336
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL121423-J.Y. & S.S. Kim, 83 East StreetClosedPL121423
354 Davis RdPL130060-First Gulf Developments Design Build Inc.ClosedPL130060
490 Anthony DrPL130061-Amy Gilmore, 490 Anthony DriveClosedPL130061
3448 Ninth LinePL130260-Pelaia, 3448 Ninth LineClosedPL130260
2476 Appalachain DrPL130261-A. & S. Ervin, 2476 Appalachain DriveClosedPL130261
2158, 2168, 2180 and 2192 Trafalgar RdPL130321-Dunpar Developments Inc., townhousesClosedPL130321
West side of Ninth Line, North of Upper Middle RdPL130412-Accu Servo Technology, Ninth LineClosedPL130412
2092 Water's Edge DrPL130453-K Jensen, 2092 Water's Edge DriveClosedPL130453
371 Kerr StPL130750-371 Kerr Street, 4-storey com./res.ClosedPL130750
528 Burnhamthorpe Rd WPL131178-King's Collegiate-528 Burnhamthorpe Rd WClosedPL131178
3075 Trafalgar RdPL131293-3075 Trafalgar Rd., Dundas Trafalgar Inc.ClosedPL131293
3079 Neyagawa BlvdPL140087-By-law 2013 - 127ClosedPL140087
57 Florence DrPL140168-A. Anand, 57 Florence DriveClosedPL140168
1130 Speers RdPL140188-N. Lindenberg - 1130 Speers RoadClosedPL140188
174 Lakeshore Rd W, 87 and 91 Brookfield RdPL140240-822403 Ontario Inc., 4-storey mixed-useClosedPL140240
156-160 Trafalgar RdPL140241-156-160 Trafalgar Rd., 4-storey res.ClosedPL140241
394 Maple AvePL140284-B. & J. Gilmore, 394 Maple AveClosedPL140284
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL140317-Oakville OPA No. 4, ZBL No. 2014-014OpenPL140317
74-76 Trafalgar RdPL140324-74-76 Trafalgar Rd, Sarasvati InvestmentsClosedPL140324
1555 Bayview RdPL140384-A. Grynyshyn - 1555 Bayview DriveClosedPL140384
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL140387-Oakville OPA 5, Trafalgar Road CorridorClosedPL140387
2431 Trafalgar RdPL140394-Rocket Fireworks - 2431 Trafalgar RdClosedPL140394
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL140412-Star Oak Developments Ltd., subdivisionClosedPL140412
3369 Sixth LinePL140467-EMGO (North Oakville 1), 3369 Sixth LineClosedPL140467
335 Lakeshore Rd WPL140594-Koumoundouros, 335 Lakeshore Road WestClosedPL140594
Lands south of Dundas St & lands north of Hwy 407PL140731-Oakville OPA No. 8ClosedPL140731
2042 Duncan RdPL140868-Ni Ni and Yi Pin Wang, 2042 Duncan RoadClosedPL140868
10 Ennisclare Dr WPL140987-Phinney, 10 Ennisclare Drive WestClosedPL140987
2343-2355, 2377 and 2418 Khalsa GatePL141014-Bronte Community Developments CorporationClosedPL141014
9 Lambert CommonPL141045-394 Lakeshore Oakville Holdings Inc.ClosedPL141045
2035 Cornwall RdPL141075-Shorewood Properties, 2035 Cornwall RoadClosedPL141075
457 Bedford RdPL141191-Vivaldi, 457 Bedford RoadClosedPL141191
1401 Bronte RdPL141318-1401 Bronte Road, Bronte Green Corp.ClosedPL141318
443 Maple Grove DrPL141336-Kiro Holdings - 443 Maple Grove DriveClosedPL141336
255 Allan StPL150011-Lihou Holdings Ltd., 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150011
1134 Linbrook RdPL150023-Khan/Fazilat, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150023
426 Tower DrPL150315-Cardoso, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150315
380 Chartwell RdPL150333-Rahmoun, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150333
125 Chartwell RdPL150447-T. Rapanos - 125 Chartwell RoadClosedPL150447
1183 Grace DrPL150578-Mazereeuw, 1183 Grace Dr., swimming poolClosedPL150578
610 Chartwell RdPL150593-By-law 2015-076, GE Property ClosedPL150593
472 Jeanette DrPL150716-Miller, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150716
529 Michael TerrPL150900-Dhillon, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150900
366 Galt AvePL150951-Wozniczka, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL150951
474 Lakeshore Rd EPL151064-Bowman, 474 Lakeshore Road EastClosedPL151064
172 Westdale RdPL151122-Frontliner Corp., 2-storey dwellingClosedPL151122
70 Stewart St and 73 Washington AvePL151141-Sagio Investments Ltd.ClosedPL151141
1357 Pinegrove RdPL160021-Vision Builders Inc., 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160021
135 Watson AvePL160122-Crotty, new lot creationClosedPL160122
299 Burton RdPL160166-Krpan, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160166
12 Birch Hill LanePL160176-Ming Rao, 12 Birch Hill LaneClosedPL160176
128 Garden DrPL160233-Vandyk-Wyndham Place Ltd., 128 Garden DrClosedPL160233
487 Valhalla CrtPL160234-Pepa, 2nd floor balconyClosedPL160234
546 Wingrove CresPL160297-A. and P. Uppal, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160297
1333 Dorval DrPL160331-Oakville ICBL No. 2016-024ClosedPL160331
216 Eastcourt RdPL160332-Windeler, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160332
2144 Rebecca StPL160333-G.S. Uppal, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160333
486 Pineland AvePL160421-Husameldin, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160421
131 Leighland AvePL160545-J. & A. Matos, 131 Leighland AveClosedPL160545
175 Wilson StPL160546-E. & L. Scherkus, 175 Wilson StClosedPL160546
2406 Susquehanna CrtPL160601-K. & M. Lingham, 2406 Susquehanna CrtClosedPL160601
2266 Lakeshore Rd W, 83 East StPL160661-Symgine (Lake East), 20-storey mixed useClosedPL160661
1372 Devon RdPL160677-A. & E. Wiedmer, 1372 Devon RdClosedPL160677
1204 Cynthia LanePL160776-Wallace New Dwelling VariancesClosedPL160776
8 Ennisclare Dr WPL160883-Phinney, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160883
474 Lakeshore Rd EPL160885-Bowman, 2-storey dwelling attached garageClosedPL160885
124 Westminster DrPL160898-Covino, 124 Westminster Dr, dwellingClosedPL160898
441 Sandmere PlacePL160899-Hundal, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL160899
332 to 338 Robinson StPL161138-2524151 Ont., 4-unit townhouseClosedPL161138
2988 Bristol CirclePL161187-1498461 Ontario Ltd., 2988 Bristol CirClosedPL161187
3358 Lakeshore Rd WPL161260-Sherif Sorial, 3358 Lakeshore Rd. WClosedPL161260
533 Carson Ln.PL161261-Babak Naghash, 533 Carson LaneClosedPL161261
401 Sandlewood RdPL161262-Granat, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL161262
263 Westdale RdPL170108-Frontliner Corp. 263 Westdale RdClosedPL170108
134 Miller RdPL170109-Momani, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL170109
148 Herald AvePL170149-Ivanova, 2-storey detached dwellingClosedPL170149
377 Morden RdPL170263-Zhurda, 2-storey detached dwellingClosedPL170263
3000 Sixth LinePL170271-2322231 Ontario Inc., 2 building comm.ClosedPL170271
274 Weighton DrPL170390-Baraniak/Zayouna, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL170390
All lands south of Dundas St and north of Hwy 407PL170391-Oakville, ZBL 2017-025ClosedPL170391
227 Wyecroft RdPL170458-Roczamb Holdings Ltd., 227 Wyecroft RdClosedPL170458
309 Church StPL170459-The Purple House Inc. 309 Church StClosedPL170459
17 Mississaga StPL170460-Friesen/Morton, 2-storey dwellingClosedPL170460
1020, 1024, 1028, 1032 and 1042 Sixth LinePL170462-Dunpar, 81 townhouse unitsOpenPL170462
132 Caulder DrPL170524-Yuqing Zou, 132 Caulder DrClosedPL170524
231 & 237 Rebecca StPL170593-2378224 Ontario Inc. 6 resid. townhousesClosedPL170593
3075 Trafalgar RdPL170666-DundasTrafalgar, rezoning reserved blocksClosedPL170666
413 Avon CresPL170697-Daniel Samodol, 413 Avon CresClosedPL170697
Name Card Not AssignedPL170731-Dunoak Developments, residential subdivisClosedPL170731
1264,1288 Burnhamthorpe Rd E& 1345-1429 Dundas StEPL170733-Bressa Developments, residential subdivisClosedPL170733
1359 Dundas St WPL170735-Martillac Estates ZBA & DP of SubdivisionClosedPL170735
1357 Dundas St WPL170737-Graydon Banning, residential subdivisionClosedPL170737
Part Lots 13 & 14, Concession 1PL170848-Green Ginger Dev's, subdivision & rezoninOpenPL170848
262 King StreetPL170937-262 King St SeveranceClosedPL170937
299 Church St.PL170957-Green Heaven (MV)ClosedPL170957
518 Hidden TrailPL171022-Iwicki, 518 Hidden Trail MVClosedPL171022
435 Sumner AvePL171044-Lawrence Ker, 435 Sumner AveClosedPL171044
1333 Dorval DrPL171084-ClubLink, Glen Abbey Golf Club Redev. ClosedPL171084
Various AddressesPL171100-OPA 14-Transportation Updates (Midtown)ClosedPL171100
428 Samford PlacePL171168-2572876 Ontario Inc. 428 Samford Place MVClosedPL171168
2220 Marine DrPL171222-1213763 & 1319399, 4-storey apt.bldg.(OPAClosedPL171222
2450 Meadowood CresPL171405-T. & M. Kotarac, 2450 Meadowood CresClosedPL171405
1198 Cynthia LanePL171406-Speed of R Cube Ltd. 1198 Cynthia LaneClosedPL171406
305 Felan AvePL180009-M. & J. Soragnese, 305 Felan AveClosedPL180009
1313 and 1333 Dorval Dr et alPL180158-OPA 24, ClubLink, Glen Abbey Golf ClubClosedPL180158
1130 Speers RdPL180297-3052690 Nova Scotia Ltd. 1130 Speers RdClosedPL180297
297 Queens AvenuePL180396-IMH Queens Ltd. developmentClosedPL180396
254 Carolyn DrPL180415-Kieran McCourt, 254 Carolyn DrClosedPL180415
1194 Stirling DrPL180554-Michael Sullivan, 1194 Stirling DriveClosedPL180554
All lands within the Town of OakvillePL180580-OPA 15 Urban StructureClosedPL180580
158 Castle CrescentPL180597-S. & N. Khoorshed, 158 Castle CresClosedPL180597
485 English Rose LanePL180598-Josephine Bruno, 485 English Rose LaneClosedPL180598
327 Reynolds St. & 348 Macdonald Rd.PL180681-Town of Oakville subdivision ClosedPL180681
448 Drummond RoadPL180829-M. Forsyth & D. Murray, 448 Drummond RdClosedPL180829
North Oakville East Secondary PlanPL180831-OPA 321 North Oakville E Secondary PlanClosedPL180831
164 Douglas AvenuePL190147-Mark Liptok, 164 Douglas Ave.ClosedPL190147
383 Chartwell Rd & 1039 Cedar Grove BldPL190174-JRB-383 Chartwell Holdings Ltd, ConsentClosedPL190174
3194 Shoreline DrivePL190201-D.Horwood & D.D'Souza, 3194 Shoreline DrClosedPL190201
1201 Stirling DrivePL190436-R. Boutros & S. Gendy, 1201 Stirling Dr.ClosedPL190436
1540 Reeves Gate, Unit 20 & 19PL190491-Willem Graves, 1540 Reeves GateClosedPL190491
3358 Lakeshore Road W.PL200167-Sharif Sorial, 3358 Lakeshore Rd. WestClosedPL200167
3171 Lakeshore Road WestPL200232-Vogue Wycliffe Ltd., create 35 res.unitsOpenPL200232
170 North Service Road WestPL200331-Empress Capital Group, 114 room hotelClosedPL200331
550 Kerr StreetPL200333-Oakville Dev'ts Inc., mixed use bldgs.OpenPL200333
196 Elton Park RoadPL200387-Imran & Roohi Bashir, 196 Elton Park Rd.ClosedPL200387
No Custom WindowPL200584-Melrose Investments, 4 warehousesClosedPL200584
171 Burgundy DrivePL200605-N & S Darwish, 171 Burgundy DriveClosedPL200605
109 Reynolds StreetPL200624-DXD- JRB Holdings v. Oakville (Twn.)ClosedPL200624
No Custom WindowPL200630-H&R Reit,add parking & 2nd vehicular ptClosedPL200630
358 Reynolds StreetPL210098-Transmetro Ltd., 3-storey 14-unit condoClosedPL210098
426 Canterbury CrescentPL210100-Mhd Baalbaki, 426 Canterbury CrescentClosedPL210100
1035 Pinegrove RoadPL210149-Herman Rai, 1035 Pinegrove RoadClosedPL210149
2552 Rivers Bend LanePL210202-Joyce &Victor Enns,2552 Rivers Bend LaneClosedPL210202