Current E-Status Case List for Niagara Falls

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedD/C By-law 99-144ClosedDC990007
Name Card Not AssignedGroup of Co s-DC by-law 2004-13ClosedDC040020
4249 River RdLC080021-Rocco & Rocco vs Niagara Falls et alClosedLC080021
Name Card Not Assignedagle Valley Golf Course; O & ZClosedPL000672
Name Card Not Assignedagara Falls By-law 2003-180ClosedPL031147
Name Card Not AssignedOfficial Plan Amendment 170- NiClosedPL060875
Name Card Not AssignedRRVP Niagara Square Inc. By-lawClosedPL070314
Name Card Not AssignedCytec Canada Inc.ClosedPL070601
Name Card Not Assignedand Niagara Resort CorporationClosedPL070736
Name Card Not AssignedE & S SpadavecchiaClosedPL070774
Name Card Not AssignedAnthony Vacca-OPA and ZBLClosedPL070779
Name Card Not AssignedZoning By-law 2007-195 - 6505 FClosedPL070929
Name Card Not AssignedPL071197-289900 Ontario LimitedClosedPL071197
Kalar Rd, North of Forestview BlvdPL080032-B46/2007/NF Bethlehem NotForProfitClosedPL080032
4480 Bridge StPL080597-Joedy BurdettClosedPL080597
Warren Woods Land CorporationPL080813-Warren Woods CommunityClosedPL080813
OPA 81PL080970-OPA 81 Thundering WatersClosedPL080970
Oakwood Dr south of McLeod RdPL081041-SmartCentres Ltd/Consulate Ventures IncClosedPL081041
3893 Main StPL081107-Chanady - setbacksClosedPL081107
5471, 5491 and 5507 River Rd and Vacant Land onPL081433-Niagara Falls Pointe Ltd., 7-storey res.ClosedPL081433
Reixinger Rd/Ort Rd (Southwest Corner)PL081503-Joe KekicClosedPL081503
3096 St. George AvePL090041-Don MurchiClosedPL090041
6881 Stanley AvePL090692-1149948 Ontario Ltd., OPA No. 90ClosedPL090692
6361 Fallsview Ave (Parcel 1), southwest corner ofPL090885-Hilton hotel, off-site parkingClosedPL090885
7880 Watson StPL090991-Stante Residential Consent and VarianceClosedPL090991
6818 Freeman StPL100260-Muriel Biggar residential consentClosedPL100260
North Limit of Graham StPL100269-Gino Forte Construction Inc. consents ClosedPL100269
6226 Giovina DrPL100513--Bylaw - Niagara FallsClosedPL100513
5866 Delaware StPL100600-Main Street Baptist Church By-law 2010-66ClosedPL100600
5547 & 5559 Portage RdPL110067-B & A Rentals Properties Inc.ClosedPL110067
8006 Biggar RdPL110068-Donato PietrangeloClosedPL110068
McLeod Rd (South Side) East of 6080 McLeod RdPL110515-1660747 Ontario Ltd.ClosedPL110515
West Side of Drummond Rd, North Side of OldfieldPL110520-Oldfield Development Inc.ClosedPL110520
4825 Pettit AvePL110524-Paletta International (1990) Inc.ClosedPL110524
10960 Carl RdPL110693-J. Bureau & G. Stewart - Residential useClosedPL110693
3870 Stanley AvePL110701-Ont 1578891 construction waste depot mvClosedPL110701
7909 Carl RdPL111041-Carmela & Bengimen PietrangeloClosedPL111041
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL111325-City of Niagara Falls OPA No. 96ClosedPL111325
6610 Mountain RdPL111328-800460 Ontario Limited, Marinelli EstatesClosedPL111328
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL111331-Niagara Falls ZBL Nos. 2011-136, 2011-137ClosedPL111331
North and South Sides of Swayze DrPL120023-By-law No .2011-143 - NiagaraClosedPL120023
7429 Montrose RdPL120066-Ventresca undersized lot variancesClosedPL120066
8417-8443 Willoughby DrPL120227-M. Vahrmeyer - re-zone lands ClosedPL120227
7715 Carl RdPL120308-Pietrangelo rural residential severanceClosedPL120308
4080 Hickson AvePL120425-ZBL 2012-14, Cottage RentalClosedPL120425
5401 River RdPL120585-Hagerman rental cottage rezoningClosedPL120585
Lands within the Urban Area Boundary of the City oPL120715-OPA 94, New Growth Management PoliciesClosedPL120715
6690 Montrose RdPL130049-OPA 109 & ZBL 2012-133ClosedPL130049
6015 Barker StPL130323-ZBA 2013-24, rezoning school to apartmentClosedPL130323
3665, 3769, 3779 & 3807 Macklem St et alPL130325-ZBA 2013-32, rezoning to residentialClosedPL130325
Northwest Quadrant Niagara FallsPL130395-OPA 196 Northwest urban boundary expan'nClosedPL130395
Northwest Quadrant Niagara FallsPL130396-OPA 106 Northwest Quadrant secondary planClosedPL130396
6218 Dorchester RdPL131068-Manojlovich, rezoning for 6 unit additionClosedPL131068
7712 Badger Rd & part of 7720 Badger RdPL131214-Duguay, rezoning for 14 townhomesClosedPL131214
5080 Kalar RdPL140147-G. Merenda Res. Severance (4 lots)ClosedPL140147
7913 Kalar RdPL140230-Warren Woods Estates Phase 3 subdivisionClosedPL140230
8267 Thorold Stone RdPL140416-Dyer rezoning to permit gas barClosedPL140416
8215 Heartland Forest RdPL140427-Heartland Forest Ministries consentClosedPL140427
5855 Garner RdPL150029-Garlund Prop.s Inc, variance for nurseryClosedPL150029
4431 Victoria AvePL150030-Pilutti, variance for nurseryClosedPL150030
8869 Thorold Stone RdPL150118-Letourneau, garage height varianceClosedPL150118
6112 Carlton AvePL150326-Wittmann, garage addition variancesClosedPL150326
5971 Dorchester RdPL150532-Y & Z Zahavy Holdings, OPA for apartmentsOpenPL150532
Name Card Not AssignedPL150820-Niagara Falls Facility Inc, seniors housiClosedPL150820
8215 Heartland Forest RdPL150852-Heartland Forest Ministries, severanceClosedPL150852
8121 Alpine DrPL160456-Dagenais, variance for garage additionClosedPL160456
5800 Thorold Stone RdPL160832-Canadian National Railway, consentsClosedPL160832
4536 & 4552 Portage RdPL170015-Sleek Dev's Inc & APR Investm's, townhousClosedPL170015
2560 Mewburn RdPL170494-River Crest Corp, apartment & townhousesClosedPL170494
5065 Portage RdPL170632-Garwood Homes, 2 semi-detached homes rezoClosedPL170632
3118 Montrose RdPL170701-Grottola Court subdvision, conditions appClosedPL170701
8056 McLeod RoadPL180011-John Lee - Kalar Ltd. 8056 McLeod RdClosedPL180011
7711 Green Vista GatePL180108-Upper Vista Dev Corp, 10-storey residentiClosedPL180108
5471, 5491, 5507 River Rd, 4399, 4407, 4413, 4427 PL180376-2486489 Ontario Inc, 21&12 storey apartmClosedPL180376
6660 Hawkins StreetPL180427-Gabriele Colonna, 6660 Hawkins StClosedPL180427
Dorchester Rd at Chippawa PkwyPL180727-OPA 128, Riverfront CommunityClosedPL180727
All lands within the City of Niagara FallsPL180774-B139-OPA 127, Vacation Rental Unit/B&BClosedPL180774
Southside of Marineland Pkwy. oppo. Ailanthus AvePL180779-Land Ridge proposed developmentClosedPL180779
7549 Kalar RoadPL180830-Fernando Caiella, 7549 Kalar RdClosedPL180830
5881 Thorold Stone RoadPL180889-2581576 Ont. Inc. 5881 Thorold Stone RdClosedPL180889
S. Side Of Marineland Pkwy. & E. Of Alex Ave.PL180941-OPA 131, townhouses & 8-storey apartmentClosedPL180941
Vacant Parcel between 2294 & 2472 Thompson Rd.PL190206-10736198 Canada Inc, rezoning 55-unit subClosedPL190206
5140 Kalar Rd & Former MTO LandsPL190226-Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, SDClosedPL190226
4174-4204 Portage RdPL190448-2451513 Ont Inc, 6-storey mixed use bldgClosedPL190448
Vacant parcel btw. 7154 Adams Ave&6680 Hawkins St.PL200044-BL2019-131, Permit 16 unit townhouseClosedPL200044
4210 Lyon's Creek RoadPL200464-Chippawa Inc, 4-storey apartmentClosedPL200464
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL210036-DxD-ZBA 2020-124 Riverfront rezoningClosedPL210036
4866 Valley WayPL210051-Penmar Holdings, 4866 Valley WayOpenPL210051