Current E-Status Case List for Welland

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedDC090024-City of Welland DC By-Law 2009-93ClosedDC090024
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC140012-DC BL 2014-75ClosedDC140012
Name Card Not AssignedFI080013- Niagara Pen CA - Per Diem AllowancesClosedFI080013
Name Card is Inactive as ContactFI090006-Niagara Peninsula Conservation AuthorityClosedFI090006
Name Card is Inactive as ContactFI130003-Niagara Peninsula CA, honourariums & per ClosedFI130003
Per Diem Allowance IncreaseFI150003-Niagara Peninsula CA, honourariums & per ClosedFI150003
248 Wellington StLC100009-Kang vs. Regional Municipality of NiagaraClosedLC100009
Part of Lot 16, Concession 5LC150007-Sovegjartos vs Enbridge Gas DistributionClosedLC150007
Part of Lot 16, Concession 5, HumberstoneLC150027-Sovegjarto vs Enbridge Gas DistributionClosedLC150027
Name Card Not AssignedCasey Holland- 114 Crowland AveClosedPL070777
1 Albert StPL080775-William Pearce By-law 2008-59ClosedPL080775
192 Ridge RdPL081081-Rich Winter ClosedPL081081
799 Young RdPL081163ClosedPL081163
138 Riverside DrPL090826-1515435 Ontario LimitedClosedPL090826
154 Riverside DrPL090834-1654990 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL090834
97 Burgar StPL090925-Irena JuzevskiClosedPL090925
130 Niagara St and 32 Seeley StPL100756-F.M. Developments & 1681034 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL100756
400 Thorold RdPL110146-George's Body Shop- Fence VarianceClosedPL110146
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL111171-City of Welland New Official PlanClosedPL111171
529 South Pelham RdPL120763-OPA 1 & ZBL 2012-63, 3 storey apartmentClosedPL120763
130 Niagara St and 32 Seeley StPL120933-ZBL 2012-77, 10 storey apartment rezoningClosedPL120933
32 Glenwood PkyPL121048-Chevalier new detached garageClosedPL121048
261 First AvePL121172-Davis new residential lot with variancesClosedPL121172
222 Riverside DrPL121338-Wiens res. rezoning with accessory unitClosedPL121338
Forks Rd, West of Welland By-Pass CanalPL130558-Forks Road subdivisionClosedPL130558
Urban Area Boundary ModificationsPL131384-RPPA 4-2013, Urban Area Boundary-WellandClosedPL131384
142 Thorold Rd & 144A Thorold RdPL150039-OPA 8, 142 & 144A Thorold RdClosedPL150039
170 & 152 Hellems Ave and 131 Young StPL150574-OPA 9, adult respite care facilityClosedPL150574
633 South Pelham RdPL150694-Arber Development Ltd & Hert Inc, OPAClosedPL150694
3 Crerar AvePL150989-Mammoliti, consent for 3 residential lotsClosedPL150989
Lots 188-190, 195, 196, 199, 200, 210-239, etc..PL160998-Cordage Green Housing, townhouses rezoninClosedPL160998
85 Pearson RdPL170984-1578896 Ontario Ltd. 85 Pearson Rd. MVClosedPL170984
Various Addresses in City of WellandPL171296-BL 2017-117 City of Welland new policiesOpenPL171296
396 Aqueduct StPL180106-Niagara Pine Developments, subdivisionClosedPL180106
3 Crerar AvePL180435-Pasquale Mammoliti, 3 Crerar AveClosedPL180435
201, 203, 211 & 213 Roach AvenuePL180550-Niagara Regional Housing accessory bldgClosedPL180550
Various Addresses in City of WellandPL180653-ROPA 7 Urban Area Boundary Modification ClosedPL180653
156 Fitch StreetPL180693-156 Fitch Street Ltd., Condo conversionClosedPL180693
158 Fitch StreetPL180694-158 Fitch Street Ltd., Condo conversionClosedPL180694
61 Adah CourtPL180812-Niagara Pine Development, 61 Adah CourtClosedPL180812
300 Major StPL190040-Cosimal Investments Inc, mmpf variances ClosedPL190040
37 Niagara StPL190063-2231048 Ontario Inc, commercial varianceClosedPL190063
85 Pearson RoadPL190490-1578896 Ontario Inc, variances to convertClosedPL190490
North side Stoneybrook CrescentPL190531-Silver Star Dev'ts Inc., Stoneybrook ClosedPL190531
23 Barron StreetPL200087-Tom Liszt, 23 Barron StreetOpenPL200087
188 Thorold RoadPL200094-Juliana Chirichiello, 188 Thorold OpenPL200094
633 South Pelham RdPL200255-Mountainview Development, OPA townhousesOpenPL200255
289 Daimler ParkwayPL200293-OPA 16, Hunters Pointe developmentOpenPL200293
781 Clare AvePL210084-OPA 31, 24 stacked townhousesOpenPL210084
5 Berwick TrailPL210201-Bell, sunroom addition setback varianceOpenPL210201
Name Card Not AssignedPL210302-2090572 Ont. Inc., Appeal conditionsOpenPL210302