Current E-Status Case List for Thorold

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
All Lands in The City of ThoroldDC140009-DC BL 74-2012ClosedDC140009
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC190020-DC BL 46-2019OpenDC190020
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 69-2005 to permit SupermClosedPL050898
Name Card Not Assignedamer Landing SubdivisionClosedPL070404
Plan M5 Lot 31PL080277-Jim LorenceClosedPL080277
77 Townline Rd W and 83 Pine St NPL080403-JTD Homes Inc., townhouse developmentClosedPL080403
1701 Thorold Townline RdPL090224-By-law 04-2009ClosedPL090224
2 Canby StPL090602-1006057 Ontario LimitedClosedPL090602
90 & 100 HayesPL090654-Dana Canada Corporation ConsentClosedPL090654
Part Lots 68,69,90,91,92 & Part Road Allowance,etcPL090869-The Neighbourhoods of Rollings MeadowsClosedPL090869
3490 Schmon PkyPL100490-Tri-Deg Properteis Inc., student housingClosedPL100490
63 Pine St NPL110360- By-law 34-2011ClosedPL110360
1 McMann DrPL110618-1 McMann Dr. - Pagnotta SeveranceClosedPL110618
2155 Turner RdPL120358-2218355 Ontario Inc - 2155 Turner RdClosedPL120358
Pine St N Plan 892PL121150-Condodatta duplex area/frontage variancesClosedPL121150
1247 Chippawa Creek RdPL130206-McIntosh existing acc.structure variancesClosedPL130206
12 Front St NPL140982-1907610 Ontario Inc., 12 Front St North ClosedPL140982
6 Ann StPL180218-1907610 Ont Inc, 3-storey apartment bldgClosedPL180218
1832 Decew RoadPL180645-By-law 64-218, Decew Terrace developmentClosedPL180645
3530 Schmon PkyPL180667-1364084 Ontario Inc., Student residence ClosedPL180667
All lands within Thorold except Niagara EscarpmentPL190276-OPA 6, Official Plan updates, new ZBLOpenPL190276
22 Cunningham St., 10 & 12 Lydon St. W.PL190511-1891100 Ontario Ltd, apartments OPA/rezonClosedPL190511
2350 Gainer StPL200594-Agrette, hockey training facility OPAClosedPL200594