Current E-Status Case List for Fort Erie

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
All lands subject to By-Law 47-2019DC190006-DC BL 47-2019ClosedDC190006
Name Card Not AssignedNiagara River Golf CourseClosedPL050640
Name Card Not Assigned Niagara Regional Policy PA-4-2ClosedPL070585
4638 College RdPL080237-R. MacLean- Pet Day CareClosedPL080237
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL080644-IC By-lawClosedPL080644
3131 Young AvePL080681-Timothy & Teresa WhitfieldClosedPL080681
22 Queen's CirPL081158-Brian YanikClosedPL081158
296 Ridge Rd NPL090003-Jason PizzicarolaClosedPL090003
1746 and 1754 Garrison Rd, 1715 and 1748 Pound APL090275-Rosehill Auction HouseClosedPL090275
Northeast Corner of King St and Albany StPL090462-Jiam Wu Wang, subdivisionClosedPL090462
3444 Thunder Bay RdPL090642-Ridgeway Shores Golf Club LimitedClosedPL090642
41 Elmwood AvePL090846-E. Lenchyshyn Elmwood variances &consentsClosedPL090846
4155 Erie RdPL100345-Fort Erie Zoning By-law No. 26-10ClosedPL100345
Name Card Not FoundPL100362-Canadian Motor Speedway ProjectClosedPL100362
Part Lot 24, Concession 3PL100942-1602134 Ontario Inc. (Creekside Estates)ClosedPL100942
40 Jennet StPL101158-Fort Erie ZBL 104-10ClosedPL101158
Lands located in Fort EriePL101159-Fort Erie ZBL 102-10ClosedPL101159
824 Bernard AvePL101169-John VaughanClosedPL101169
Name Card Not AssignedPL110608-By-law 58-11, Gateway Sec. Plan AreaClosedPL110608
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL110913-Niagara RPPA 4-2006, Fort Erie OPA 65 & 5ClosedPL110913
4249 & 4259 Niagara River PkyPL111052-Anita GouldClosedPL111052
40 Jennet StPL111293-Town of Fort Erie New Official PlanClosedPL111293
Lots 51 And 52, Plan 417PL120438-984307 Ontario Limited - Residential DevClosedPL120438
Lots 51 And 52, Plan 417PL121190-ZBL 88-12 semi detached dwelling rezoningClosedPL121190
Lot 368, Plan 401PL131131-Park Lane Builders-Dominion&Malkin RdClosedPL131131
Lots 369, Plan 401PL131132-Park Lane Builders - Dominion & Malkin RdClosedPL131132
3839 Rebstock RdPL140560-OPA 23, Parkland Place designationClosedPL140560
3237 Riselay AvePL140621-Colaneri, two new residential lotsClosedPL140621
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL140649-Favero, Alliston Woods subdivisionClosedPL140649
3243 Riselay AvePL141181-Kendrick, garage height varianceClosedPL141181
3009 Evadere AvePL150526-ZBA 71-2015, rezoning for new dwellingClosedPL150526
421 Graham AvePL150530-B. Barnes - 421 Graham AvenueClosedPL150530
Concession Rd (west side, south of Gilmore Rd)PL160040-Montana, variance for semi-detachedClosedPL160040
3009 Evadere AvePL160271-Szabluk, new residential lot severanceClosedPL160271
3960 Victoria RdPL160508-800547 Ontario Ltd, variance for new homeClosedPL160508
338 Cambridge RdPL160812-Csak, new two-storey home variancesClosedPL160812
Part of Lot Z, Cross Concession etc.PL160838-ZBA 82-2016, residential/open space rezonClosedPL160838
5045 Michener RoadPL170116-Doug Darbyson, 5045 Michener RdClosedPL170116
168 High StreetPL171482-BL 122-2017, 800547 dwelling conversionClosedPL171482
1441 Kam RoadPL180419-S. Mrakovic-Dy & A. Dy, 1441 Kam RdClosedPL180419
South side of Dominion Rd, btw Bassett and Bardol PL180447_DxD_-OPA 41, Harbourtown Village sub.OpenPL180447
672 Edgemere RdPL180545-ZBA 46-2018, 4-storey apartment buildingClosedPL180545
65 Pleasant Avenue NorthPL180637-Blythwood Homes, 65 Pleasant Ave NClosedPL180637
1131 Niagara River ParkwayPL180786-2585908 Ont. Inc. Bell Canada - ConditionClosedPL180786
672 Edgemere RoadPL180950-Niagara Innovative Living VarianceClosedPL180950
0 Dominion RdPL190244-Csak, variance for detached dwellingClosedPL190244
3356 Thunder Bay RoadPL190373-2682384 Ontario Inc, 3356 Thunder Bay RdClosedPL190373
Various LocationsPL190625-Alliston Woods SubdivisionClosedPL190625
No Custom WindowPL200321-Nguyen, site plan for cannabis productionClosedPL200321
0 Townline RdPL200625-ZBA 105-2020, commercial rezoning (gasbarOpenPL200625
625 Garrison Rd & 0-10389 Helena StPL210047-Niacon Construction, self storage facilitOpenPL210047