Current E-Status Case List for Lincoln

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedGrace & Truth Retirement Homes ClosedPL060743
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 07-19 Z342 LincolnClosedPL070238
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 07-17-Z340 Town of LincoClosedPL070246
3462 Rittenhouse RdPL070996- Monaghan Estate - house lotClosedPL070996
General AmendmentPL090633-By-law 09-47-Z409 - OPA 45 ImplementationClosedPL090633
5016 Fairgrounds Rd & 4326,4328,4330,4334,4338 On PL100212-OPA 48 ClosedPL100212
3330 Zimmerman RdPL100853-IMS Composte FacilityClosedPL100853
Part Lots 21,22,56,57 & 63, Corporation Plan 3PL101099- Homes By DeSantisClosedPL101099
Part of Lot 11, Plan M-14PL110327-Peter Randall & June E. Brown ClosedPL110327
4888 Ontario StPL120718-ZBL 37-Z439 winery special events tentClosedPL120718
3800 & 3802 Main StPL130192-ZBL 2013-06-Z444 Jordan Historical MuseumClosedPL130192
West side of Ontario St (Lot 63, CP 3)PL130688-ZBA 2013-32-Z448 eating estmt/drive-thruClosedPL130688
4245 Academy StPL131133-Tuinstra, consent appeal of conditionClosedPL131133
East Side of 19th StPL141043-758319 Ont Ltd, consent condition imposedClosedPL141043
3249 Frost RdPL141047-Shire Corp, OPA for NASM storage facilityClosedPL141047
4245 King StPL150305-Craft Dev. Corp., Proposed amphitheatreClosedPL150305
4398 Ontario StPL150314-1419405 Ont et al, eating estmt variancesClosedPL150314
4295 East AvePL150421-Cretaro Homes Ltd, residential rezoningClosedPL150421
2882 St. John's DrPL150446-Kump, residential severanceClosedPL150446
All Lands Within The Town Of LincolnPL150475-Town of Lincoln New Official PlanClosedPL150475
4403 Ontario StPL150497-Chettle, zoning for mixed-use developmentClosedPL150497
Part Lot 19, Concession 2PL150555-ZBL 2015-34-Z461, 7new dwellings rezoningClosedPL150555
3991 King StPL160835-ZBA 2016-50-Z475, micro brewery rezoningClosedPL160835
3340 Culp RdPL161183-Grey Forest Homes, side setback varianceClosedPL161183
5699 King StreetPL180269-413439 Ontario Ltd. 5699 King StClosedPL180269
4194 King StreetPL180438-D. & I. Janzen, 4194 King St, BeamsvilleClosedPL180438
Maple Grove Road north of King StreetPL180586-OPA 5, brewery banquet facilityClosedPL180586
Maple Grove Road north of King StreetPL180587-ZBA 2018-34-Z511, brewery banquet facilitClosedPL180587
4098 Highland Park DrPL180707-G. & V. Pucci, 4098 Highland Park Dr ClosedPL180707
3987 Azalea Cres, 3978-3966 Victoria AvePL190281-B139H-ZBA 2019-47-Z523, townhouse & accesClosedPL190281
3648 & 3650 Glen RdPL200534-H Brouwer Construction, 3 new lots severaClosedPL200534