Current E-Status Case List for Niagara-on-the-Lake

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC180004-BL 5020-17, front-ending agreementClosedDC180004
200 John Street East & 588 Charlotte StreetMM200033-Solmar, Motion for CompletenessClosedMM200033
Name Card Not Assigned2000377 Ont Ltd- outdoor patioClosedPL070709
Name Card Not AssignedLPG IncClosedPL070787
Name Card Not AssignedJuergen Knoff & Heidrun KnofClosedPL070872
82 Tanbank RdPL071014-Tissen Consent to SeverClosedPL071014
233 King StPL080039-Olde Niagara Fire Hall Inc.ClosedPL080039
228 Queen StPL080082-J.Gartner OPA # 34ClosedPL080082
94 Prideaux StPL080228-Charles & Barbara GanimClosedPL080228
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL090441-Niagara-on-the-Lake OPA 41ClosedPL090441
Queenston Secondary PlanPL090568-OPA No. 37, Queenston Secondary PlanOpenPL090568
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL090912-ZBL 4316A-09, Agricultural Community ZDClosedPL090912
7 Meritage LanePL100788-Zora TeofilovicClosedPL100788
Part of Township Lot 96, Part 1PL101087 - Dritsacos Residential SeveranceClosedPL101087
1181 Lakeshore RdPL101193-Nickel Estate Winery ZoningClosedPL101193
329, 344, 358, 365 and 412 Four Mile Creek RdPL110337-Cannery Park Development Inc.ClosedPL110337
5523 Townline RdPL110340-Queenston Quarry rehabilitationClosedPL110340
442 Mississauga StPL110504-984321 Ontario Ltd., office buildingClosedPL110504
1661 Concession 6 RdPL110511-Reschke existing garage varianceClosedPL110511
16 Wilberforce AvePL110995-Walker new home height minor varianceClosedPL110995
370 Gate StPL111025-Engemann new dev lots severance & mvsClosedPL111025
607 King StPL120094-Grey Forest Homes Ltd.ClosedPL120094
1487 Niagara Stone RdPL120267-Gale's Gas Bars Limited, site planClosedPL120267
445 Line 2 Rd, Pt. Lot RP30R5152 Pt 2, 3, 4PL120327-Bice Builders Ltd.ClosedPL120327
522 Line 1 RdPL120339-Consent B-2/12 - Niagara-on-the LakeClosedPL120339
233 John StPL120362-Consent - B-1/12 - Niagara-on-the-LakeClosedPL120362
Con 8, Pt Lot 4, Conc 9, Pt Lots 3 & 4, South ServPL120848-OPA 54/ZBA 500WD-12 open air outlet centrClosedPL120848
96 Johnson StPL121090-1859758 Ontario Inc variance for garageClosedPL121090
114 Queen StPL121237-1456425 Ontario Inc parking variancesClosedPL121237
46 Paxton LanePL130165-2233497 Ontario Ltd, Paxton Lane rezoningClosedPL130165
274 John St WPL130337-Oak Meadows Development,274 John St WClosedPL130337
Cottage Rentals, Villas & Vacation Apts in NOTLPL130584-OPA 55 Short Term Rental policiesClosedPL130584
128, 134 & 174 Anne StPL130697-OPA 59, 4 storey apartment (with ZBA)ClosedPL130697
82 Four Mile Creek RdPL140663-OPA 61, commercial conversion of farmClosedPL140663
113 Byron StPL150189-Peets, rezoning to facilitate three lotsClosedPL150189
560 Mississauga StPL150626-Fiorucci, rezoning to create 3 new lotsClosedPL150626
3 Wilberforce AvePL160365-Aitken, variances for new home/garageClosedPL160365
411 Nassau StPL160542-Surowka, consent for new residential lotClosedPL160542
117 Regent StPL160567-Hawes, rezoning to facilitate severanceClosedPL160567
213 Line 7 RdPL160843-MD Growers Inc., fence/buffer site planClosedPL160843
1397 York Rd, 242 & 246 Four Mile Creek RdPL170941-OPA 71, mixed-used plaza developmentClosedPL170941
14555 Niagara River PkyPL180143 (14555 Niagara River Parkway)ClosedPL180143
111 Garrison Village DrPL180801-ZBA 4316DF-18, commercial rezoningClosedPL180801
144-176 John St EPL180803-Two Sisters Resorts Hotel/Conference CtrClosedPL180803
114, 118, 122, 126 Queen St, 219 Victoria St AndPL180820-OPA 76, Penn Capital hotel parkingClosedPL180820
493-507 Line 2 RdPL180833-B139H-OPA 75, R&B Family Holdings, medicaOpenPL180833
26 Delater StreetPL190310-Andrei Arvinte, 26 Delater StreetClosedPL190310
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL190456-IC BL 5169-19, cannabis land useOpenPL190456
152 Carleton StreetPL190540-Andre & Rob Langendoen, 152 Carlton St.ClosedPL190540
551 Butler StPL190616-OPA 78, residential intensification policOpenPL190616
1490 York RoadPL190617-B. Peters, 3 single-detached units ClosedPL190617
All lands subject to ICBL 5105A-19PL190618-IC BL 5105A-19, Review of OPA extensionClosedPL190618
144-176 John St EPL190622-Two Sisters Resorts Inc., ZBAClosedPL190622
Part 4 30R15066 Newark St.PL190636-Arlene Delben, Part 4 Newark StreetClosedPL190636
10 Lorraine StreetPL200160-J. & E. Bice, 10 Lorraine StreetClosedPL200160
Outside of the Urban Area BoundaryPL200323-ZBA 500XN-20, appeal Cannabis Related UseClosedPL200323
6 Luther AvenuePL200413-Blake Lee-Whiting, 6 Luther Ave.ClosedPL200413
963 Queenston RoadPL200476-1314102 Ontario Inc., Holding By-LawClosedPL200476
Part of Twp. Lot 118 Niagara Et AlPL210223-Settler's Landing Phase 2, rezoningClosedPL210223