Current E-Status Case List for Wainfleet

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedMAQ Aggregates Inc.ClosedPL051302
Name Card Not AssignedClosedPL070355
Name Card Not AssignedJeffrey & Lisette BottClosedPL070864
75642 Diltz RdPL080088-Jason LohrClosedPL080088
Part Lot 28, Conc. 1PL080090-Ronald Chester ShiesleyClosedPL080090
50854 O'Reilly's RdPL080960-Julia GoodwinClosedPL080960
Part of Lot 7, Conc. 5, 50713 O'Reilly's RdPL080976-Kathleen & Vicki-Lynn SmithClosedPL080976
Part Lot 42, Concession 7PL081088-Hardy - building lotClosedPL081088
Part Lot 7, Conc 5, O'Reilly's RdPL081279-Gary McPhersonClosedPL081279
Part Lot 4, Con.5, Twp of WainfleetPL081599-Andrew D. GommeClosedPL081599
13L17 Morgan's Point RdPL090045-Eden, attached garage and deckClosedPL090045
Lakeshore RdPL090428-Erie Park Holdings Ltd.ClosedPL090428
Part Lot 6, Conc 5, Lambert RdPL090754-Percy Freeman ConsentClosedPL090754
Lakeshore Rd, Lot 19&20, NP745,Part of Lot 7, ConPL101309-Birrell Residential VarianceClosedPL101309
Boil Water Advisory AreaPL110882-Wainfleet IC By-law No. 019-2011ClosedPL110882
10451 Lakeshore RdPL110988-M & V Truman, new dwellingClosedPL110988
New OP Township of WainfleetPL121370-Township of Wainfleet New Official PlanClosedPL121370
11033 Lakeshore RdPL150292-Helen & Ed Yohanna, 11033 Lakeshore RdClosedPL150292
11615 Burnaby RdPL150966-Wescome, variances to permit horsesClosedPL150966
32433 Feeder Rd WPL160058-ZBA 058-2015, condition of severenceClosedPL160058
11705 Lakeshore Rd, Lots 16 & 17, Concession 1PL170945-ZBL 036-2017, Lakewood Beach developmentClosedPL170945
50865 O'Reilly's Rd SPL171008-McPherson, 50865 O'Reilly's Rd SouthClosedPL171008
44149 Buckner RdPL171011-Shedden, 44149 Buckner Rd VarianceOpenPL171011
12180 Lakeshore RoadPL180873-Brian Grant, 12180 Lakeshore RdClosedPL180873
12113 Augustine RoadPL190257-Deborah Arsenault, 12113 Augustine RoadClosedPL190257
All lands subject to OPAPL200163-OPA 02, land use designationClosedPL200163
11210 Golf Course RoadPL210280-Duane & Shelly Akins, Cons.1 Pt Lt 12OpenPL210280