Current E-Status Case List for West Lincoln

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
All lands within the Township of West LincolnDC190030-DxD-DC By-Law 2019-51OpenDC190030
Name Card Not AssignedDevries-lot mergingClosedPL070356
Part Lot 2, Conc 3PL080609-Michael & Valerie McCueClosedPL080609
Abingdon Rural ClusterPL081376-Abingdon Rural ClusterClosedPL081376
4532 Sixteen RdPL081421-J & A Verdonk/D & L BuysClosedPL081421
Part Lot 39, Concession 9PL090044-West Lincoln By-law 2008-148ClosedPL090044
Part of Lot 56, Plan M-88PL090881-N.Elizabeth & Bill FischerClosedPL090881
9664 Concession 1 RdPL100519-T. Brant & S. InglisClosedPL100519
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL101269-BL2010-98 - Kennel General ProvisionsClosedPL101269
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL101457-Jansje (Anne) Jansje MeinenClosedPL101457
5274 Regional Rd 20PL110439- By-law 2011-19ClosedPL110439
7402 Mud StPL110848-ZBL No. 2011-58ClosedPL110848
Spring Creek Heights Secondary Plan AreaPL111315-West Lincoln OPA 26: Spring Creek HeightsClosedPL111315
Part of 3 & 8, Forestview CrtPL120021-By-Law 1601-009-11ClosedPL120021
Regional Rd 20, (Pt Lot 10 & 11, Conc. 9)PL120072-OPA #35ClosedPL120072
Part of Lot 23, Conc 2PL120225-Rodney Wagter - 7472 Consession Rd 2ClosedPL120225
Part Lot 3, Conc. 3, (6802 Reg. Road 65)PL120704-ZBA 2012-30 modular transport businessClosedPL120704
2286 Caistor Centre RdPL130655-Sollazzo setback variances for shedsClosedPL130655
Urban Area of Smithville and Hamlet of WellandportPL140700-ROPA 3, Smithville/Wellandport boundaryClosedPL140700
North parts Lot 9 & 10 Con 9, Frmr Twnshp South GrPL170004-2090754 Ontario Inc, ICBL 2016-106ClosedPL170004
Concession 3, Lot 16 & 17 (4827 Vaughan Rd)PL170547-Kszan, MDS variance to permit new homeOpenPL170547
Wade Rd Lot, (South of 125 Wade Rd)PL170875-ZBL 2017-70, Comprehensive Zoning By-lawClosedPL170875
8107 Concession 5 RdPL180267- Brooks New Accessory StructureClosedPL180267
8107 Concession 5 RdPL180648-J. & G. Brooks, 8107 Concession 5 RoadClosedPL180648
375 Station StPL180837-RVL Contracting Inc, 11 unit developmentClosedPL180837
375 Station StPL180839-RVL Contracting Inc, 11 unit developmentClosedPL180839
5154 Regional Road 20PL190232-BL 2019-33, farm help house to res. unitClosedPL190232
9003 Concession 5,Caistor CentrePL190440-Gibson, cannabis production facilityClosedPL190440