Current E-Status Case List for Waterloo Region

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
All lands within the City of WaterlooDC080009-City of Waterloo DC BL 08-094ClosedDC080009
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC090028-Region of Waterloo DC By-law 09-024ClosedDC090028
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC110004-WRDSB and WCDSB EDC By-laws 2011ClosedDC110004
181 Lester StDC140001-DC By-law 09-024, 181 Lester StClosedDC140001
145 Peel StDC150016-DC By-law 14-046ClosedDC150016
All lands within the Region of WaterlooDC170002-DC BL 16-053 (Transit & Waste Mgmt Svs) ClosedDC170002
2483 Bleams RdDC180001-DC By-law 16-053ClosedDC180001
Region of WaterlooDC190044-DC By-law 19-037ClosedDC190044
Name Card Not AssignedFrank & Julia Wong vs Region ofClosedLC050020
336 Eagle St N, Unit 1FLC170021-A Bridal Legacy vs Waterloo RegionClosedLC170021
301-319 King St ELC170029-Rakita&Dr. Rakita v. Reg.Mun.of WaterlooClosedLC170029
1138 King St ELC180016-Lube N Go vs. Waterloo RegionOpenLC180016
85 Weber Street WestLC180022-Two Goblets Restaurant v Waterloo RegionClosedLC180022
209 Pinebush RdLC190005-889445 Ontario Inc. v. WaterlooOpenLC190005
Name Card is Inactive as ContactLC190013-1188042 Ontario Inc et al v. Waterloo RegOpenLC190013
94 Queen Street SouthLC200034-Far Out Flicks v. Region of WaterlooOpenLC200034
Name Card Not Assignedsubdivision - Trillium Estates ClosedPL902275
Name Card Not AssignedResidential OP designation-ActiClosedPL051200
Name Card Not AssignedWaterloo ROPA 22 & 23 - ESL lanClosedPL060548
Name Card Not AssignedBL 06-097- Heritage Cons. Dist.ClosedPL060930
Name Card Not Assigneden sub., ZBL, ROPA 23ClosedPL070004
Name Card Not AssignedBIA Inv ts Inc.- 8 apt unit addClosedPL070217
Name Card Not Assignedtd., OPA 61/rezoning/site planClosedPL070479
Name Card Not AssignedMaple Hill Creek Apartments IncClosedPL070507
Name Card Not AssignedNancy Cameron-Health PractitionClosedPL070563
21, 23, and 25 Fir StPL080463-Spring Village Inc., 4-storey buildingClosedPL080463
81 Glenburn DrPL080706-Sivon InvestmentsClosedPL080706
Erb St & Ira Needles BlvdPL081373-Rock Developments Inc.ClosedPL081373
438 Hillside StPL090621-R. Meier/W. FletcherClosedPL090621
Name Card Not AssignedPL090742-City of Waterloo IC By-law 09-074ClosedPL090742
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL110080-New Region of Waterloo Official PlanClosedPL110080
175 Weber St NPL170776-Comm. Worldwide Inc., 175 Weber St. NClosedPL170776
529 Fairview StreetPL180623-OPA 1 Regional Municipality of WaterlooClosedPL180623
City of CambridgePL180728 - Waterloo ROPA 2OpenPL180728