Current E-Status Case List for Wellesley

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
1300 Queen's Bush RdPL120043-L.Bisch - 39 Queen's SreetClosedPL120043
Part of Lot 4, Registered Plan 622PL130475-1058663 Ontario Inc, Ferris DriveClosedPL130475
3684 Hessen StrassePL131233-Henry Martin, 3684 Hessen Strasse ClosedPL131233
3698 Hessen StrassePL140377-Estate of T. Rumig, 3698 Hessen StrasseClosedPL140377
5209 Ament LinePL141093-Ervin Albrecht, Keeping of two horses ClosedPL141093
Part of Lot 4, Registered Plan 622PL141333-Lotco II Ltd., Residential DevelopmentClosedPL141333
1945 Chalmers Forrest RdPL160477-Kuepfer, 1945 Chalmers Forrest RdClosedPL160477
Crosshill Rural Settlement Area, WellesleyPL170709-OPA 9, Crosshill Rural Settlement Area ClosedPL170709
4400 Posey LinePL180110-M. & M. Horst, 4400 Posey LineClosedPL180110
3697 Lobsinger LinePL190527-Bene & Manziuc, Wellesley, ConsentClosedPL190527