Current E-Status Case List for Whitchurch-Stouffville

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
1050 Hoover Park DrDC090064-Hoover Park Town CentreClosedDC090064
Town WideDC190003-DC By-law 2018-165-FIOpenDC190003
Part Lot 36, Conc 6, Elma WardLC090015-antonio & Irma PescadorClosedLC090015
Name Card Not AssignedLC200012-12902 Tenth Line GP Inc. vs. MetrolinxClosedLC200012
Part of Lot 5, Concession 9LC200012-12902 Tenth Line GP Inc. vs. MetrolinxClosedLC200012
Lot 9, Concession 4MM170072-1386146 Ont. Aggregate Licence TransferOpenMM170072
Name Card Not AssignedKKT s rezoning for subd - ORMClosedPL924782
Name Card Not AssignedUrquhart s vs OPA severance polClosedPL980070
Name Card Not AssignedWhitchurch-Stouffville OPClosedPL010342
Name Card Not AssignedVranko Family Holdings - subdivClosedPL061218
Name Card Not AssignedBelcomo Investments Ltd.ClosedPL070811
5007 Vandorf RdPL071226 - John & Sandra MurphyClosedPL071226
40 Freel LanePL080833-DCMS GP (Stouffville) IncClosedPL080833
3153 Vandorf SideroadPL081045-Pine - accessory structure - setbackClosedPL081045
832 Millard St, StouffvillePL081499-Rob GiampaoloClosedPL081499
Name Card Not AssignedPL090140-Judy WilsonClosedPL090140
Part of Lots 2 & 3, Concession 10, StouffvillePL090995-Courtney Valley Estates & LillypadClosedPL090995
Part of Lot 9, Concession 9PL091143-2036737 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL091143
Part Lots 2 & 3, Conc.10, StoufrfvillePL100244-OPA 128, Twn. of Whitchurch-StouffvilleClosedPL100244
Various AddressesPL100392-Whitchurch- Stouffville ZBLClosedPL100392
38 Loggers Trail (Lot 9, Plan 65M-3370)PL100678- Laffey Garage VarianceClosedPL100678
Part Lot 34, Conc 10 (M)PL101005-Hoover Thirty Developments LimitedClosedPL101005
1 Opal CrtPL101097-Opal CourtClosedPL101097
120 Lake Woods DrPL101278-Civello & Malanderino VarianceClosedPL101278
Part Lot 17, Concession 9, 1477 Ninth LinePL110077-Estate of James CoulticeClosedPL110077
14003 Kennedy RdPL120122-Andrew HeineMannClosedPL120122
6323 Bloomington RdPL120787-Perry Rizzo, accessory farm dwellingClosedPL120787
5540, 5472 & 5508 Main St (Pt Lot 1, Conc. 8)PL121229-BL 2012-077-ZO, Mixed Used Dev.ClosedPL121229
12098 York Durham LinePL130288-ZBL 2013-012-ZO, ResidentialClosedPL130288
75 Church StPL130869-A. James - 75 Church StreetClosedPL130869
5342, 5376, 5410 Lakeshore RdPL130978-Geranium Corp - ResidentialClosedPL130978
5 David Wright CrtPL131012-E&S Skrzypczak-5 David Wright Crt.ClosedPL131012
General By-Law AmendmentPL131143-By-law 2013-116-ZOClosedPL131143
Town WidePL131393-By-law 2013-158-ZOOpenPL131393
6286 Hillsdale DrPL140182-BL 2014-007-ZO Rural Residential OpenPL140182
365 Boyer StPL141017 - Moncada Accessory Structures and DeckClosedPL141017
54 Loggers TrailPL141186-Majid Rajaee, 54 Loggers TrailClosedPL141186
Various AddressesPL150812-IC BL 2015-098-ZO, Places of WorshipClosedPL150812
221 Sandale RdPL150985-Raman Patel, 221 Sandale RdClosedPL150985
15682 Highway 48PL160048-Elizabeth Mashaal, 15682 Hwy 48ClosedPL160048
Town WidePL160770-OPA 137, Twn of Whitchurch StouffvilleOpenPL160770
17 Victor DrPL170221-1057524 Ontario Ltd., Residential usesClosedPL170221
5194, 5208, 5222,5232 Aurora Rd & 15288 Highway 48PL171195-Hammerford Dev. (Ballantrae) Ltd. SPOpenPL171195
All Lands Subject to OPA 136PL171393- OPA 136 Town of Whitchurch-StouffvilleOpenPL171393
11742 Tenth LinePL171493-Sorbara/L&M GP Inc. residential ZBAClosedPL171493
2 Pleasant Valley DrPL171504-BL 2017-096-ZO, 2 Pleasant Valley Dr ClosedPL171504
5104 Aurora Rd.PL180558-Doris Lehman, 5104 Aurora Rd, BallantraeClosedPL180558
5112 Aurora RoadPL180560-Andrew Evans, 5112 Aurora Rd, BallantraeClosedPL180560
118 & 132 William StreetPL190208-Fairpark Homes Inc, 118 & 132 William StClosedPL190208
16905 McCowan RoadPL190560- Bazios Stouffville Detached DwellingClosedPL190560
5772 Aurora RoadPL200014-Schickedanz Bros. Ltd., 5772 Aurora Rd.ClosedPL200014
16895 McCowan RoadPL200390-Wen Zhong, 16895 McCowan RoadOpenPL200390
6052 Main StreetPL210023-Christine Yang, six 3-storey townhousesOpenPL210023