Current E-Status Case List for Bracebridge

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Entire Municipality BracebridgeDC140024-DC By-law 2014-051ClosedDC140024
Name Card Not AssignedRoyal Muskoka Realty - severancClosedPL001259
Name Card Not AssignedPL060974-R060236-Comprehensive Zoning By-lawClosedPL060974
Name Card Not AssignedC.& B. Wilson- rural residentiaClosedPL070466
Part of Block A, Conc. 13PL080259-Carol ManolClosedPL080259
Lots 105 & 106 And Part Lot 107, Plan 30PL080279-David RodwellClosedPL080279
Part Lot 1, Conc.2, Bracebridge WardPL080932-Trillium Lakeheads District School BoardClosedPL080932
By-Law 2008-081PL081203-By-law 2008-081 ClosedPL081203
Part of Lot 23, Concession 3PL081329-Carolyn LeonardClosedPL081329
Part of Lot 1, Conc. 12, BracebridgePL081406-Marilyn MacNaughtonClosedPL081406
1758 Doe Lake RdPL090221-ZBL 2009-010ClosedPL090221
Part of Lot 1, Con 2, Monck South WardPL090513-McLead Veterinary Clinic Minor VariancesClosedPL090513
Part of Lot 5, Concession 4, BracebridgePL090752-Alan GordonClosedPL090752
Lot 43 of Registrar's Compiled Plan 537PL090945-Moody High Water Mark VarianceClosedPL090945
Lot 73 Of Plan 9, Monck South WardPL091001-Brown, CarolineClosedPL091001
Part Lot 19, Conc 7PL091082-Coverdale Residential Setback VarianceClosedPL091082
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL101172- BL 2010-067 & Residential SeverancesClosedPL101172
Part of Lot 3, Concession 5PL110247 - Cutters Quest Land & Cattle Co. Ltd.ClosedPL110247
Urban Area of the Town of BracebridgePL110318- By-law 2011-021ClosedPL110318
Part of Lot 22, Concession 8PL120405-A. & K. Archdekin - Part Lot 22, Conc 8ClosedPL120405
Part of Lot 18 & All Of Lot 19 Plan 15PL130445-C Robertson/J Popkey, ResidentialClosedPL130445
Town of BracebridgePL131299-By-law 2013-030ClosedPL131299
Part of Lot 10, Concession 8PL140179-H. Castelli - Lot 10 Concession 8OpenPL140179
Part of Lot 1, Conc 2 and Part of Lot 45, RCP 531PL140837-ZBL 2014-050 - Residential Type 2ClosedPL140837
200 Anglo StPL160178-By-law 2016-004 Senior Citizen's HomeClosedPL160178
Part of Lot 26, Conc. 13PL160187-BL 2016-006- RezoningClosedPL160187
1016 Bailey LanePL160434-Ida Wood, 1016 Bailey LaneClosedPL160434
Entire MunicipalityPL160651-By-law 2016-039, implement OP policiesClosedPL160651
200 Anglo StPL170327-BL 2017-007, 2393652 multi-residentialClosedPL170327
1013 Tough Lane PrivatePL180682-Corbeil, 1013 Tough Lane PrivateClosedPL180682
134 Wilson IslandPL180815-Vandewall, Lot 8, RCP 543, Wilson Island ClosedPL180815
571 Manitoba StreetPL190328-B139H-OPA 12, 112 retirement home unitsClosedPL190328
Birch St road allowance, N&Sside Birch St Lots 1-4PL210011_DxD-Alpine Ridge, 49 row dwell. unitsOpenPL210011
Lots 7&8, Part Lots 6,9,10, Concesion 12PL210241-OPA D09-08/18,priv ele.&sec. schoolOpenPL210241
200 Birch IslandPL210261-Cukaj, A., 200 Birch IslandClosedPL210261