Current E-Status Case List for Norwich

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedYsselstein, 4 new lotsClosedPL020600
Name Card Not AssignedPL071184-Jack LodewyksClosedPL071184
Part Lots 12 & 13, Concession 11PL080668-M.H. Majorcsak Farms Inc.ClosedPL080668
146175 & 145183 Potters RdPL081171-Deb-Cher HoldingsClosedPL081171
Part Lot 7, Lot 8 RP 97PL100172- Deming ZBA from R1 to R1-SpecialClosedPL100172
41 Front StPL110642-2205945 Ont.Inc.- residential rezoning ClosedPL110642
Pt. Lot Conc.11 (South Norwich), 144853 Potters RdPL120053-D. Eppel - 144853 Potter's Rd.ClosedPL120053
75 Main St WPL131350-A.Boeder - 75 Main Street WestClosedPL131350
594676 County Rd 59PL150878-BL 08-2015-Z, Adding a Fuelling Station ClosedPL150878
465065 Curries RdPL160701-BL 13-2016-Z Ysselstein livestock barnClosedPL160701
345696 Quaker StreetPL180394 - 1377595 ON Inc - 2 Lot Creation ConsentClosedPL180394
Part Lot 7, Concession 12PL200397-ZBA 05-2020-Z, mobile home rezoningClosedPL200397
465065 Curries RoadPL200617-Ysselstein, allow addt'l nutrient unitsClosedPL200617