Current E-Status Case List for Brockton

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Pt Lot 66-67 Con. 1LC120021-Waetcher Holdings vs Brockton & HanoverClosedLC120021
Part of Lots 19 and 20, Concession 9LC140008-J & E Wilkin vs Hydro One Networks Inc.ClosedLC140008
Part of Lot 20, Concession 8LC140009-Wilkin/Pohlman vs Hydro One Networks IncClosedLC140009
Name Card Not AssignedBy-law 2007-52ClosedPL070737
868 Bruce Rd 4, 910 Bruce Rd 4PL100114-Municipality of Brockton ZBL 2009-52ClosedPL100114
Part Lot 22, Conc 3 SDRPL100171-OPA #129-09.36ClosedPL100171
603 Durham St EPL101191-Price-Schonstrom Inc.ClosedPL101191
169 Sideroad 15 BrantPL121349-Grasslands, 169 Sideroad 15 BrantClosedPL121349
Part of Lot 69 & 70, Concession 3PL160382-Shewfelt new residential building lot ClosedPL160382
Lot 17 and South Half Lot 8PL170567-O'Hagan 754 Greenock Brant, ClosedPL170567
721 Yonge Street SouthPL210029-Keith Huber, 721 Yonge Street SOpenPL210029