Current E-Status Case List for Mono

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
426246 25th Sideroad, Town of MonoPL100129-Nathan,Vicki,Willard,Sharon BettsClosedPL100129
S/E Half Lot 22, Conc.7 E.of Hurontario StPL121089-The Boake Group Ltd., SeveranceClosedPL121089
674458 Hurontario StPL130171-Lucia Mendonca, 564458 Hurontario StClosedPL130171
673209 Hurontario StPL141285-B.Murphy - 673209 Hurontario StreetClosedPL141285
994448 Mono-Adjala TownlinePL170949-Phillips/Teixeira (ZBA)ClosedPL170949
674305 Hurontario St. PL171199-James Olar, 674305 Hurontario StClosedPL171199
Part Lots 30 & 31, Concession 4 E.H.S.PL180265-Greenwood Aggregates Ltd. designationsOpenPL180265
507393 Highway 89PL200521-Michael Bellissimo, dealershipOpenPL200521