Current E-Status Case List for Windsor

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not Assignedre-useClosedFI070014
Name Card Not AssignedDave Sherwood Auto Res.ClosedLC000011
Name Card Not AssignedOleynik-c v. Windsor-rClosedLC010019
Name Card Not AssignedWindsor Italian Village RestaurClosedLC010029
Name Card Not AssignedUofW vs WindsorClosedLC020025
3390 Walker RdPaciorka Leaseholds vs WindsorClosedLC030021
Name Card Not AssignedPaciorka Leasholds LtdClosedLC030023
Name Card Not AssignedTullio Meconi vs City of WindsoClosedLC040002
Name Card Not AssignedPaciorka/Paciorka LeasholdersOpenLC050010
Name Card Not AssignedG. & N. Popmarkov v. CoWClosedLC050011
3390 Walker Rd Lots 477 & 478 RP 1126Pro Auto Accessories vs WindsorClosedLC050013
Name Card Not AssignedStanley s Tavern (Windsor) LimiClosedLC060032
Name Card Not AssignedUofWindsor-land entry for appraClosedLC060054
Name Card Not AssignedTom's Restaurant vs City of WinClosedLC070005
Name Card Not Assigned1214621 Ont. Inc. vs City of WiClosedLC070006
Name Card Not AssignedJosavlis Holdings Ltd.ClosedLC070008
Parts 244, 25-26, 31-33, 38-40, RP 1541750 & CE...Murray vs City of WindsorOpenLC070016
Parts 3 & 4 on Plan of Exp.'n 1541750 & CE68952...Miceli vs City of WindsorOpenLC070018
Name Card Not Assigned882885 Ontario Ltd. Vs City of ClosedLC070039
2801 Walker RdLC080002-Herrmann vs City of WindsorClosedLC080002
3335 Banwell RdLC080015-Royal Timbers Inc vs City of WindsorClosedLC080015
Name Card Not AssignedLC080039-974412 Ontario IncClosedLC080039
Lots 32-54, RP 1355LC090001-Puppi vs City of WindsorOpenLC090001
Lots 55-77, RP 1355LC090002-Masotti et al vs City of WindsorOpenLC090002
Parts 1, 4 and 5 on 12R-22535 et alLC090030-1027458 Ontario Ltd vs City of WindsorClosedLC090030
2479 Howard AveLC100026-1522082 Ontario Ltd vs City of WindsorClosedLC100026
2990 Huron Church Rd / 2720 Grand Marais Rd WLC100028-Gammon & Gaultieri vs MTOClosedLC100028
2740 Cabana Rd WLC110006-Walkerville Commercial Centre Inc. vs MTOClosedLC110006
Lots 55-64, RP 983, Lots 179-181, RP 967LC110007-Maxximus Motor Sports Dealership vs MTOClosedLC110007
4785 Howard AveLC110008-206103 Ontario Ltd vs MTOClosedLC110008
3495 Huron Church RoadLC110013-Qayyum Khan & Qayyum vs MTOOpenLC110013
2545 Howard AveLC110014-Trifonopoulos vs City of WindsorClosedLC110014
2745 Talbot RdLC110031-Richard Shapiro vs Min of Transport.ClosedLC110031
1555 Talbot RdLC110034-La Senza Corp v. MTOClosedLC110034
6642 Tecumseh Rd ELC110040-Chams & Chams vs City of WindsorOpenLC110040
4596 & 4616 Matchette RdLC120003-Rotulo vs MTOClosedLC120003
2490 Talbot RdLC120018-Wortley & Wortley vs MTOClosedLC120018
2565 Lambton RdLC120022-F.C. Soccer Inc vs MTOClosedLC120022
3015 Huron Church RdLC120023-Network Financial vs MTOOpenLC120023
3880 Huron Church RdLC120024-Laforet vs MTOClosedLC120024
Registered Plans 904, 911 & 998, City of WindsorLC120026-Paciorka Leaseholds Ltd vs MTOOpenLC120026
Various Lands along Malden RdLC120033-1413520 Ontario Ltd et al vs MTOOpenLC120033
Lands known municpally as 0 Halliday RdLC120034-1099184 Ontario Ltd et al vs MTOOpenLC120034
3300 Huron Church RdLC120045-T.J. Watson Enterprises Inc vs MTOClosedLC120045
Plan No. CE487026LC130016-D. & J. Russo vs City of WindsorClosedLC130016
Land between Riverside Dr W & University AveLC130023-Canadian Pacific Railway vs WindsorClosedLC130023
3203 Walker RoadLC130027-Black Ties Enterprises vs City of WindsorClosedLC130027
3100 Walker RoadLC130030-Border City Auto vs City of WindsorClosedLC130030
Lands between Riverside Dr & University AveLC130034-Shergar Development vs City of WindsorClosedLC130034
4040 Country Road 46LC130037-Windsor Husky vs MTOOpenLC130037
2676 Grand Marais Rd WLC130044-Academie Ste. C├ęcile vs MTOClosedLC130044
2135 Wyandotte St WLC140002-Codling (The Krooked Kilt) vs WindsorClosedLC140002
LTs 22-40 PL 560 Sandwich WestLC140003-Novelletto vs MTOClosedLC140003
4458 Villa Paradiso CresLC140004-Kim & Kim vs MTOClosedLC140004
2525 Howard AveLC140020-1391518 Ontario Ltd vs City of WindsorClosedLC140020
3100 Walker RoadLC140022-Border City Auto Sales vs City of WindsorOpenLC140022
1420 Provincial RoadLC140035-Mansour's Furniture vs City of WindsorOpenLC140035
1245 Provincial Road and 1065 Cabana Road EastLC140043-413464 Ontario Ltd vs City of WindsorOpenLC140043
Part of Lot 15 , Conc 5, Sandwich E, Parts 5 & 6LC140046-1350 Provincial Ltd vs City of WindsorClosedLC140046
Part of Lot 15, Conc 5, Sandwich E, Part 4LC140047-Crata Equities Ltd vs City of WindsorClosedLC140047
Pt.of Lot 21, Lots 22 & 23, Plan 1355, Reddock AvLC150003-Iannicello vs City of WindsorOpenLC150003
3140 Walker RdLC150015-Power Cycle Inc. vs City of WindsorClosedLC150015
131 Riverside Dr WLC160037-1214621 Ontario Inc. vs City of WindsorOpenLC160037
6424 County Road 42LC180009-Janisse vs City of WindsorOpenLC180009
670 Ouellette AveLC190009-2266088 Ontario Ltd v. WindsorOpenLC190009
200-214 Lauzon DriveLC200028-1486062 Ontario Inc. v. WindsorOpenLC200028
Betts Ave to Totten StMM080029-Local Improv. Sanitary SewersClosedMM080029
King's Hwy 3, Huron Church Rd et alMM120037-Road Closings Hwy 3 & Huron Church RoadClosedMM120037
Name Card Not AssignedShergar water lotsClosedPL980318
Name Card Not AssignedCity of WindsorClosedPL041065
Name Card Not Assigned1068560 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL050845
Name Card Not AssignedZO/9100 & ZB/9055 - 1371379 OntClosedPL060495
Name Card Not AssignedZBL-002/07-Drive thru restauranClosedPL070349
Name Card Not AssignedKurt MetropoulosClosedPL070407
Name Card Not AssignedTuan Khoung HuynhClosedPL070408
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 60 - annex of part TecumsehClosedPL070442
Name Card Not AssignedBoardwalk REIT/Regency ColonnadClosedPL070735
Name Card Not AssignedDean FavotClosedPL070759
Name Card Not AssignedTom BrayClosedPL070798
Name Card Not AssignedEarle J. Dunham - By-law 160-20ClosedPL070810
Name Card Not AssignedAbriham SuleimanClosedPL070828
Name Card Not AssignedWindsor Utilities CommissionClosedPL070837
Name Card Not AssignedBoardwalk Properties Holdings LClosedPL070890
849 North Talbot RdPL071126-Abdel-Nabis & Bishay - ConsentClosedPL071126
207 Askin AvePL071252-J & S Papic & G Pintaric ClosedPL071252
Matchette Rd & Sprucewood AvePL080049-Coco Big Box - OPA 67ClosedPL080049
354 Pierre AvePL080231-P.Sinasac & J.JohnsonClosedPL080231
4115 Walker RdPL080459-Walker Commons Inc. - 4115 Walker Rd.ClosedPL080459
525 & 535 Cabana Rd EPL080534-Joe SalimClosedPL080534
666 Chippawa StPL080552-Boardwalk REIT Properties Ltd.ClosedPL080552
3400 Erskine StPL080567-Boardwalk REIT Properties Ltd.ClosedPL080567
2930 Wildwood DrPL080568-Boardwalk REIT Properties Ltd.-AnchorageClosedPL080568
Lots 19-21 InclusivePL080633-Pointe East Windsor Ltd.ClosedPL080633
3090 Dougall RdPL080732-Dougall Town Centre ClosedPL080732
472, 474 Caroline StPL080829-Boulbol - front porchClosedPL080829
1120 Ypres BlvdPL081228-KubinecClosedPL081228
South side of Wyandotte St E, west of Isack DrPL081320-Goldmanco Inc.ClosedPL081320
3015 Howard AvePL081500-Roundhouse CentreClosedPL081500
4601 Howard AvePL081522-Youssef El Hadi ClosedPL081522
4451, 4501 & 4551 Tecumseth Rd EPL090135- Giant Tiger Minor VarianceClosedPL090135
207 Askin BlvdPL090197-J & S Papic & G PintaricClosedPL090197
Sandwich Heritage Conservation DistrictPL090206-OPA #68 - Sandwich Heritage ConservationClosedPL090206
6475 Wyandotte St EPL090386-Revera Long Term Care Inc.ClosedPL090386
1375 Provincial RdPL090418-Windsor Essex County Humane SocietyClosedPL090418
Part Lot 13 & 14, Conc 7PL090722-Ontario Realty Corporation - OPA 74ClosedPL090722
1447 Blue Heron DrPL090844-D'Amico Sunroom Addition VarianceClosedPL090844
464 Lauzon RdPL091089-Piroli Group DevelopmentsClosedPL091089
1255 Crawford AvePL100385-By-law 43-2010ClosedPL100385
677 Victoria AvePL100599-ZBL 69-2010 Lodging House rezoningClosedPL100599
2468 Princess RdPL100686-Rick SchefferClosedPL100686
3590 Peter StPL101295-Boardwalk REIT Properties Holdings Ltd.ClosedPL101295
Pt Closed Dufferin Place, Pt RP 271PL110177-Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital ZoningClosedPL110177
8812 Riverside Dr EPL110200- Mario Forte ClosedPL110200
All lands within the City of WindsorPL110759-OPA 82 & ZBL 118-2011 - Methadone ClinicsClosedPL110759
1085 Ducharme StPL111333-Suleiman new lot severanceClosedPL111333
1587 Windsor AvePL111342-Wahid auto garage expansion varianceClosedPL111342
1800 Talbot RdPL120367-By-Law 30-2012 - Rezoning for LTCClosedPL120367
2990 Curry AvePL120984-Dicosc Inc. rezoning for a medical officeClosedPL120984
9099 Riverside Dr EPL130248-Essex Condo Corp No 28, ramp enclosure mvClosedPL130248
11520 Riverside Dr EPL130705-Wunder&Ducharme rearyard setback varianceClosedPL130705
4490 7th Concession Rd & 4500 Walker RdPL130980-OPA 83, East Pelton Seccondary PlanClosedPL130980
4510 8th Concession RdPL131069-Ujevic, severance for new lotClosedPL131069
481 Askin AvePL131145-R. Lalovich - 481Askin AveClosedPL131145
Part of Lots 85 to 88PL140010-South Windsor Dev't mixed-use rezoningClosedPL140010
254 Watson AvePL140156-Rocha rezoning for double duplexClosedPL140156
2559 Gem AvePL140183-Henri Ouimet, 2559 Gem AveClosedPL140183
3030, 3050, 3052 & 3072 Walker RdPL140312-OPA 92, Greek Orthodox CommunityClosedPL140312
East Pelton Secondary Plan: North PortionPL140374-OPA 94, East Pelton Secondary Plan NorthClosedPL140374
4100 Riverside Dr EPL150584-538601 Ont Ltd, sideyard setback varianceClosedPL150584
6020 & 6040 Riverside Dr EPL150585-Schwab, front yard setback varianceClosedPL150585
2478-2482 Tecumseh Rd EPL150971-Diamond Scape & Stone Ltd., use varianceClosedPL150971
395 Neal BlvdPL160383-Putrus, residential severanceClosedPL160383
Lots 110&109, Reg. Plan 1023 & Pt Of Closed AlleyPL170261-ZBL 25-2017, semi-detached home rezoningClosedPL170261
785 North Talbot RdPL170792-S & K Tse, 785 North Talbot Rd.ClosedPL170792
4130 Franklin StPL180437-ZBA 47-2018, Azar Holdings, new dwellingsClosedPL180437
County Road 42 Secondary Plan AreaPL180842-OPA 120, County Road 42 Secondary PlanClosedPL180842
2400 Riverside Drive WestPL200646-Wadah Al-Yassiri,2400 Riverside Dr WOpenPL200646
1200-1220 University Ave. W.PL210138-BL 20-2021, 133 dwelling unitsOpenPL210138
Name Card Not AssignedPL210246-BL#33-2021, 4 building mult. dwellingOpenPL210246