Current E-Status Case List for LaSalle

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Lots 229 To 235, R.P. 930LC090004-Bruno & Bertilla Costa v. Town of LaSalleClosedLC090004
Lots 221 & 222, RP 930LC090025-Karminder Aulakh vs Town of LaSalleClosedLC090025
5805 Malden RdLC110042-916849 Ontario Inc vs Town of LaSalleClosedLC110042
1475 Huron Church RdLC130039-Scott's Service & Used Cars vs EssexClosedLC130039
5535 Huron Church Line RdLC130043-Suffield v MTOOpenLC130043
1555 Talbot RdLC150009-OPTrust vs Ministry of TransportationClosedLC150009
4205 Huron Church Line RdLC160002-Super 6 Stores Ltd. vs MTOClosedLC160002
Name Card Not Assigned6365 Malden Road - ZBAClosedPL020390
Name Card Not AssignedSuzanne Gillen- zblaClosedPL070634
Lots 96 To 103, Lots146 To 149, RP 731PL080720-1659475 OntarioLtd.ClosedPL080720
Name Card Not AssignedPL111292-Gatti & Cooksley carport setback varianceClosedPL111292
6155 Disputed RdPL131234-ZBA 7551, rezoning for single-d dwellingsClosedPL131234
Elsworth StPL140340-957478 Ontario Ltd., Elsworth StreetClosedPL140340
Various LocationsPL190580-BL 8358, 3 multi-storey residential apt ClosedPL190580