Current E-Status Case List for Lakeshore

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Lot 81 12R-21447DC080012-Brimar Homes Ltd.ClosedDC080012
Parts 4, 21, 25, 54 and 60DC090066-A.P. DevelopmentsClosedDC090066
All Lands Within The Town Of LakeshoreDC100009-Town of Lakeshore DC BL 51-2010ClosedDC100009
Part Lot 4, Lakeshore RangeLC080037-Gordon & Maria Gray vs. County of EssexClosedLC080037
Part Lot 4, Conc East of Pike CreekLC090026-Lakeshore Oasis Inc. vs County of EssexClosedLC090026
990 County Rd 22LC150022-Lanoue vs County of EssexClosedLC150022
494/496 Elmstead Road (County Road 21)MM180059-The Roman Catholic Episcopal CemeteryClosedMM180059
Name Card Not AssignedStrong ConsentClosedPL001354
Name Card Not AssignedWoodslee EstatesClosedPL001257
Name Card Not AssignedDiocese of London - institutionClosedPL020964
Name Card Not AssignedBrydges - 1 res lotOpenPL040711
Name Card Not AssignedBy law 43,-2006 form Town of BeClosedPL060472
Name Card Not AssignedRiver Ridge Subdivision, rezoniClosedPL070224
316 Elmgrove DrPL081012-981217 Ontario LimitedClosedPL081012
184 & 190 Patillo RdPL081362-Goldmanco Incorporated - BL 102-2008ClosedPL081362
0 Rochester TownlinePL081579-By-law 128-2008-Appeal by Bet-Her FarmsClosedPL081579
352/360 Renaud LinePL090066-Progressive Synthetic Lubricants IncClosedPL090066
All lands within the Town of LakeshorePL100211-New Town of Lakeshore Official PlanClosedPL100211
694 Old Tecumseh RdPL110718-Batten pergola/fireplace variancesClosedPL110718
197 Auburn RdPL130365-ZBL 25-2013, rezoning for day care centreClosedPL130365
Belle Rive BIAPL130757-By-law 27-2013ClosedPL130757
0 Talbot Rd (County Rd 34) Part Lt 287PL141236-ZBL 80-2014, rezoning for hot tub estabmtClosedPL141236
Municipal Wide/20 N Rear RdPL150007-CEN Biotech, Marihuana Medical FacilityClosedPL150007
Municipal Wide/20 N Rear RdPL150008-ZBL 73-2014, Marihuana/Hemp FacilitiesClosedPL150008
1475 County Rd #27, Part Lots 10 & 11, Conc. 1PL150066 - Lebert Severance & VarianceClosedPL150066
Part Lot 19, Concession 10 WBR MaidstonePL150629-OPA 6, Marihuana/Hemp prod'n facilitiesClosedPL150629
1581 County Rd #22PL170872-T.J. Azar Holdings, townhouses rezoningClosedPL170872
174/178 Puce RoadPL171138-Reginald Mulligan, 174 & 178 Puce Rd ClosedPL171138
7123 County Road 46PL171404-Christopher Duchene, 7123 County Rd 46ClosedPL171404
494/496 Elmstead Road (County Road 21)PL180588-The Diocese of London new cemetery OPClosedPL180588
2644 County Road 46PL180765-St. Croix/Ross, 2644 County Rd 46ClosedPL180765
500 County Road 31PL190504- Pillon Accessory StructureClosedPL190504
0 Canada Southern Railway PropertyPL200423-DxD-Sbrissa, severance of CNR landsClosedPL200423
1654 Manning RoadPL210076-BL 92-2020, 3 58-unit 6-storey condoOpenPL210076
1654 Manning RoadPL210129-Manning Dev't Inc., 8-storey apt& 10 THSOpenPL210129