Current E-Status Case List for Leamington

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
106 Talbot St WDC080007-DC By-law 540-04ClosedDC080007
Name Card is Inactive as ContactDC110016-DC By-law 925-09ClosedDC110016
1102 Mersea Rd 5DC110017-DC By-law 925-09ClosedDC110017
Name Card Not AssignedFI090010-Sewer and Sidewalk ReconstructionClosedFI090010
Foster Avenue Local ImprovementFI090012-Foster Avenue Local Improvement ProjectClosedFI090012
Sanitary Sewer along Pelee DrFI150006-Local Improvement Project, Pelee DrClosedFI150006
1735 Concession E, RR 1LC090042-Beniuk vs Municipality of LeamingtonClosedLC090042
323 Erie Street SouthLC200017-Circle K & Mac's v. LeamingtonOpenLC200017
Pt. Lot 1, Concession 3MM140087-Erie Sand & Gravel Ltd., Pit LicenceClosedMM140087
Erie St S between Oak St & Askew StMM150002-Local Improvement Project, Erie St SClosedMM150002
Name Card Not AssignedPit Quarry vs. Racer SnakeClosedPL981111
Name Card Not AssignedTri-B-Acres Inc.ClosedPL020830
Name Card Not Assigned989638 Ontario Inc-1 new resl LClosedPL040806
443 Essex Rd 33492267 Ontario Ltd.- 443 Bevel ClosedPL070889
14 Orange StPL080272-By-law 823-08ClosedPL080272
54 Russell StPL081313-George CliffordClosedPL081313
2330 Mersea Rd 8PL090473-Hillman ZBA salvage yard and recyclingClosedPL090473
296 Robson RdPL100510-971075 Ontario Limited-3 unit townhouseClosedPL100510
Part Lot 9, BFC, Robson RdPL110282-Golfwood Lakes Inc.ClosedPL110282
Part of Lot 9, Broken Front Concession (Mersea)PL121107-Santos Construction subdivisionClosedPL121107
268-282 Seacliff Dr WPL150331-Keepsake Plants, rezoning frmr greenhouseClosedPL150331
Part 243, Concession North Talbot RdPL150802-ZBL 115, rezoning multi-unit residentialClosedPL150802
1311 Mersea Rd 5PL160101-Bergen, rezoning for tool & die operationClosedPL160101
Pt. Lot 9 Broken Foot ConcessionPL160266-ZBA 521-15, Destiny Estates Sub. rezoningClosedPL160266
58 John StPL160548-Nehmetallah, variance to legalize setbackClosedPL160548
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL170095-IC BL 78-16, boarding/rooming housesClosedPL170095
282-288 Talbot StreetPL200299-BL 42-20, on-farm diversified retail useClosedPL200299