Current E-Status Case List for Tecumseh

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part 8-11, Part 7-10, Part 4-7, Part Lot 155-156DC150020-DC BL 2015-67ClosedDC150020
Name Card Not Assigned424805 Ontario Ltd vs TecumsehClosedLC030028
Part Lots 8 and 10, Plan 12R-11330, Part Lot 3, PlLC090006-1233831 Ontario Inc. vs. MTOClosedLC090006
Part Lot 13, Concession 6LC090007-Prestressed Systems Incorporated vs. MTOClosedLC090007
1360 Hwy 3LC120010-1690022 Ontario Ltd & Lengyel vs MTOClosedLC120010
785 Talbot RdLC120038-Marentette vs MTOClosedLC120038
3060 Highway #3LC130022-Stafford & Tandis Inc vs MTOClosedLC130022
5800 Outer DrLC170005_DxD_470698 Ontario Ltd vs MTOOpenLC170005
W/S Manning RoadLC210026-2041235 Ont & 2024120 Ont Ltd v. TecumsehOpenLC210026
Town of Tecumseh Wards 1,2,3 & 4MM170056-Ward Boundaries By-law 2017-22ClosedMM170056
Name Card Not AssignedShane Meloche - 1929 Shawnee RdClosedPL070703
Name Card Not AssignedSumatara Investments Inc.ClosedPL070887
14306 Tecumseh Rd, EtcPL081267-Alexis Dental Ltd.ClosedPL081267
387 Michael DrPL081415-Joe & Diane LeBoeufClosedPL081415
Name Card Not AssignedPL090273-By-law 2009-16 and OPA 10ClosedPL090273
NE Corner County Rd 19, Riverside Dr IntPL090274-By-law 2009-18 and OPA 11ClosedPL090274
5960 Malden RdPL100880-Primeau vehicle parking variance ClosedPL100880
280 Pentilly RdPL110775-B. and D. Belleperche- 280 Pentilly RdClosedPL110775
479 Brighton RdPL110858-Vojislav & Georgia KoracClosedPL110858
2090 St. AnnePL110990- Ouellette SeveranceClosedPL110990
Name Card Not AssignedPL120093-Sumatra Investments Ltd.ClosedPL120093
CON W Pike Creek Pt Gore Lot S/S of Christy LanePL120125-Sumatra severance for 10 detached lotsClosedPL120125
6465 Holden RdPL120947-Holden & Rau surplus residential severancClosedPL120947
6624 County Rd 11PL121195-Donaldson (Jobin), 6624 County Rd 11 ClosedPL121195
13824 Riverside Dr EPL140167-D&H Ublansky 13824 Riverside Dr. E.ClosedPL140167
14038 Riverside Dr EPL140411-Cockburn/Maples, 14038 Riverside Dr EClosedPL140411
11665 Shields StPL140685-Tecumseh Vista Academy, site plan appealClosedPL140685
North East Corner of 8th ConcessionPL160967-ZBA 2016-67, industrial/bus park rezoningClosedPL160967
1655 Manning RdPL171078 Manning Development Inc. - ConsentClosedPL171078
14328 & 14346 Tecumseh RoadPL180870-BL 2018-62, Petretta new condo bldg ClosedPL180870