Current E-Status Case List for The Blue Mountains

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
109 E Ridge DrDC190007-DC By-Law 2019-17OpenDC190007
Part Lot 28, Concession 11MM130044-D. Breadner - Pit ApplicationClosedMM130044
Name Card Not Assignedailwoods SubdivisionClosedPL802817
Name Card Not AssignedTyrolean-Golf Course and ResideClosedPL030188
Name Card Not AssignedFleming - Craigleith Area ClosedPL030216
Name Card Not Assignedabera Craigleith AreaOpenPL030216
Name Card Not AssignedZBL 2006-21 - Mountain Beach ReClosedPL060266
Name Card Not AssignedEden Oak Inc.ClosedPL070666
Name Card Not AssignedGeorgian Bay Estates -condo plaClosedPL070694
116 Farm Gate RdPL080342-Russell LittlerClosedPL080342
104 Margaret DrPL080389-Elka SeccombeClosedPL080389
Town WidePL080455-Interim Control By-LawClosedPL080455
Part Lot 26, Conc 6; Part 1, RP 16R-1494PL080851-Blue Mountain Resorts LtdClosedPL080851
Part Lot 38, Concession 12,PL081572-Barbara L MacLeodClosedPL081572
188 Peel StPL090492-ZBL 2009-30ClosedPL090492
Lots 37, 38, 39 and othersPL100598-Matesa Enterprises Inc.ClosedPL100598
Part Lot 21 & 22, Conc 1PL101270-Terrasan Dev. Corp. et alClosedPL101270
Name Card Not AssignedPL050815-R050201-1475649 Ontario Ltd., subdivisionClosedPL050815
Lot 46. Plan 1127 177 Alta RdPL110591-Passero new pool & cabana varianceClosedPL110591
Part Lot 89, Plan 529 (Lot 21, Conc 1)PL110625-ZBLA, Brophy's Lane Development ClosedPL110625
21 Alice St WPL111301-F. Paul Penny Industrial Sales LimitedClosedPL111301
Part Lot 36, Concession 11PL120703-RSV Investments Inc., Bus. Expension ClosedPL120703
Part of Park Lot 4, southwest of Napier StPL120712-Telfer Homes Inc., residential dev.ClosedPL120712
Part Lot 28, Concessions 11 PL120840-OPA 106, pit operationClosedPL120840
155 Craigmore CresPL120921-BL 2012-48, allow new dwellingClosedPL120921
36 Elma StPL140261-S. & L. McFarlane, 36 Elma StClosedPL140261
Part of Block D, Registered Plan 529, Blue MountaPL140647-Meridian Credit Union, Craigleith Dev.ClosedPL140647
796468 Grey Rd 19PL140970-BL 2014-52, Additional use of GatehouseClosedPL140970
516689 7th LinePL141269-Georgian Bay Estates Ltd., Site PlanClosedPL141269
105 Arthur St WPL150110-Sobeys Development, 105 Arthur St WClosedPL150110
144 Sleepy Hollow RoadPL150116-B. McMullen- residential developmentClosedPL150116
Block 58, Registered Plan 16M-42PL150741-Windfall GP., 12 residential buildingsClosedPL150741
209553 Highway 26PL151018-Blue View Chateaux Inc. RezoningClosedPL151018
208339 Highway 26PL151207-Home Hardware Stores Ltd. 208339 Hwy 26 ClosedPL151207
Pt Lots 158&173, Plan 529, Part 2, RP16R-1974, EtcPL160268-Eden Oak (Trailshead) Inc. OPAClosedPL160268
All lands within the Town of The Blue MountainsPL160747-The Blue Mountains Official Plan 2016ClosedPL160747
238 Grey Road 21PL171012-David Rose land severanceClosedPL171012
Part Lot 16, Concession 3PL171088-BL 2017-37, Recreational Ski FacilityClosedPL171088
Various Lands In The Town Of The Blue MountainsPL180356-MacPherson Builders Home FarmClosedPL180356
North Part Of Lot 6, Concession 3PL180443-OPA 135, Conn Pit expansionClosedPL180443
North Part Of Lot 6, Concession 4PL180555-B139-Gibraltar Pit, Conn Pit ExtensionClosedPL180555
All Lands Subject to BL 2018-42PL180715-BL 2018-42, Parkbridge Comm. LifestylesClosedPL180715
Lot 21, Concession 2, the Blue MountainsPL180810-Parkbridge Comm. Lifestyles SubdivisionClosedPL180810
Various AddressesPL190003-Comprehensive By-law 2018-65 Blue Mtns ClosedPL190003
214 Scenic Caves RoadPL190065-OPA 1, Overflow parking areaClosedPL190065
Beaver St. S and 10th Line- ThornburyPL190155-H. Richard Lamperstrofer, VarianceClosedPL190155
George McRae RoadPL190372-BL 2019-37, Max 15 multi res. dwellingsClosedPL190372
116 Campbell CrescentPL190554-A. & C. Stepanovic, B & B EstablishmentClosedPL190554
160 Grand Cypress LanePL190555-Laura Sabourin, B & B Establishment ClosedPL190555
104 & 108 Settlers WayPL200306-J.& M. Doornbosch, 8 townhouse dev.ClosedPL200306
417211 10th LinePL200582-Beaver Hops Inc., 417211 10th LineClosedPL200582
Lots 35-39, SW Side of Bay StreetPL210156-Tammy Abbotts, 22 semi-detached dwellingOpenPL210156
212 Russell StreetPL210185-I. Reboh & A. Klein, 212 Russell St. EClosedPL210185