Current E-Status Case List for Meaford

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part of Lot 2, Concession 3LC190018-Derksen v. MeafordClosedLC190018
Downtown Area Of MeafordMM140066-Heritage BL 067-2014ClosedMM140066
Name Card Not AssignedZoning By-law 57-2005ClosedPL050624
Concession 7, Part of Lots 19 and 20PL071235-Gardner Orchards LimitedClosedPL071235
Name Card Not AssignedPL080146-Alex & Barb Hector - ZBLClosedPL080146
Parts 2 & 3, Park Lot CPL081611-Douglas and Nancy McLauchlanClosedPL081611
Lot 17, Concession 11PL081612-Audrey WoodsClosedPL081612
Lot 17, Concession 11PL081612-Audrey WoodsClosedPL081612
157767 7th LinePL090986-Meaford Comprehensive By-lawClosedPL090986
363776 Sideroad 18PL110619-Connelly SeveranceClosedPL110619
Lands within the Municipality of MeafordPL131162-42-10-LOPA-14ClosedPL131162
206 Bayfield StPL141088-B & J Chisholm - 206 Bayfield St.ClosedPL141088
35 to 47 Sykes St NPL150835-Meaford OPA No. 18, ZBL No. 57-2015ClosedPL150835
206518 Hwy 26 and 197799 Grey Rd 7PL170070-BL 83-2016 Mac-Lads (Meaford) Inc. Land ClosedPL170070
206518 Hwy 26 and 197799 Grey Rd 7PL170071-ZBA 84-2016, reconfigure zoning landsClosedPL170071
18 Boucher St. W.PL180795-Tricon Management Systems Boutique HotelClosedPL180795
138 Georgian Beach LanePL180853-Terry Olynyk, 138 Georgian Beach Rd SClosedPL180853
145166 16 SideroadPL200344-BL 2020-52, permit campgroundClosedPL200344