Current E-Status Case List for Belleville

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
474 Airport Pky WestLC120047-1632370 Ontario Inc vs City of BellevilleClosedLC120047
406 Airport Pky WestLC140025 Pierson vs. City of BellevilleClosedLC140025
474 Airport Pky WestLC140028-1203130 Ont. Inc. vs City of BellevilleClosedLC140028
Part of Lot 15, Concession 2, Being Parts 1 To 16LC140029-The Millingtons vs City of BellevilleClosedLC140029
15 Atkins RdLC140031-Douglas Jarrell vs City of BellevilleClosedLC140031
Name Card Not AssignedOPA and Zoning for quarry licenClosedPL932624
Name Card Not AssignedCN Rail - Leo Craig Belleville ClosedPL020129
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of subdivision conditionClosedPL041224
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of Subdivision conditionClosedPL041225
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of subdivision conditionClosedPL041226
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of subdivision conditionClosedPL041227
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of subdivision conditionClosedPL041228
Name Card Not AssignedAppeal of subdivision conditionClosedPL041229
Name Card Not AssignedEric JensenClosedPL070931
12-24 Tracey Park DrPL090415-Christine BogzaClosedPL090415
92 North Park StPL090591 - Avalon Motel - Consent & By-law 2010-32ClosedPL090591
111 Bay DrPL090739-Anne Marie Barry-O'BrienClosedPL090739
237 Station StPL100018-Maria MonizClosedPL100018
Part 1 of Lots 11 & 12, Concession 1PL100071-SE Corner of Farley Ave & Station StClosedPL100071
298 Mudcat RdPL100497-Carey Lawandoski & John LuckeClosedPL100497
330 College St EPL100824-Jim Sinclair ClosedPL100824
Part Lot 26, Concession 2PL101103- Prudden Residential SeveranceClosedPL101103
201 MacDonald AvePL101328-1710002 Ontario Ltd Residential SeveranceClosedPL101328
340 Willett RdPL110008-Van Huizen Homes LtdClosedPL110008
161 Bridge St WPL110143-By-law 2011-4ClosedPL110143
108 Casey RdPL110560-Waterson. Residential ConsentClosedPL110560
Part of Lot 7, Concession 3PL110786-Official Plan Amendment No.17ClosedPL110786
49 Catharine StPL110935-Grace JoubarneClosedPL110935
108 Casey RdPL111180-Alexander WatersonClosedPL111180
Pt Lot 26, Conc. 2, (522 Mitchell Rd)PL111291-Annette and Clifford PruddenClosedPL111291
649 Bell BlvdPL121061-Belleville Racetrack Gaming FacilityClosedPL121061
Part of Lot 3, Concession 2PL121299-Cloverbell Dev. Ltd. et al, CasinoClosedPL121299
161 University AvePL130716-A.Gill - new residential lotClosedPL130716
170-180 Coleman StPL140193-By-law 10245ClosedPL140193
150 Sidney StPL141051-1726829 Ontario Inc., Restaurant VarianceClosedPL141051
Parts 1&2, Plan 21R-23868, Part of Lot 36, Conc. 2PL141311-By-law 2014-131, Regulate use of landClosedPL141311
47 Maitland DrPL141412-M, P & K Abel, Day Nursery & ParkingClosedPL141412
25 Dundas St WPL141413-BL 10245, Allow 3 Fifteen storey condoClosedPL141413
250 Bridge St WPL150058-Belmont Long-Term Facility ZBLAClosedPL150058
Part of Lot 18, Concession 1PL170262-Sal & Serafina Marino, Pt Lot 18, Conc.1ClosedPL170262
83 North Park StPL170485 Vandermeer, 83 North Park St Home OfficeClosedPL170485
970 Highway 37PL170508-BL 2017-16 Jarrell facilityClosedPL170508
250 Sidney StreetPL180490-2589989 Ont., Med. marijuana prod. fac.ClosedPL180490
55 Church StreetPL180880-Joseph Paramathus semi-detached dwellingClosedPL180880
59 Church Street SouthPL180882 - Panagiotis semi-detached dwellingClosedPL180882
Lots 8 & 9 Registered Plan No.124PL180932-Parkbridge redevelopmentClosedPL180932
Part of Lots 1 & 2, Concession 3PL190249-By-Law 3014, Townhouse lot revisionClosedPL190249
427 Farnham RoadPL190369-Heritage Park, semi-detached dwellingClosedPL190369
217 Bridge Street EastPL190459-Parkwood Apartments Ltd, 68-unit Apt. SDClosedPL190459
230-232 Moira Street EastPL190460-Moira Street Apt. Ltd., two 12-unit Apt.ClosedPL190460