Current E-Status Case List for Lambton Shores

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Lot 39, Plan 24, Grand BendDC100006-BL 70-2005, Wonder Grove Cottages Inc.ClosedDC100006
MWASTAMM090048-Joint Sewage Treatment FacilityClosedMM090048
Name Card Not AssignedZBL 1 of 2003-Consolidated ZoniClosedPL030237
Name Card Not AssignedDLN Group Inc.ClosedPL050332
Name Card Not AssignedMV to construct single dwellingClosedPL050631
6016 Lakeshore RdPL080061-Frederika and David EizengaClosedPL080061
Part of Lot 36, South Boundry ConcessionPL081243-Michelle DoornboschClosedPL081243
4 Lakeside CirPL090660-Martens Residential Consent & VarianceClosedPL090660
24 Government Rd,PL091152-Blucor Group Inc.ClosedPL091152
6804 East Pkwy Dr, Plan402 Lt 50. LambtonShoresPL120370-By-Law 23 of 2012- Change to R6-18ClosedPL120370
7292 Leighton DrPL121228-David Syrowik, 7292 Leighton DrClosedPL121228
68 Main St WPL140222-By-law Z0-02-2014ClosedPL140222
7292 Leighton DrPL150837-By-law 79 of 2015 Syrowik Front Lot LineClosedPL150837
10146 Shoreline DrPL160185-Arthur Matthews, 10146 Shoreline DrClosedPL160185
20 Main St SPL161086-Christ Church Anglican, 20 Main St SClosedPL161086
7446 & 7456 Riverside Dr and 10072 Poplar AvePL170404-ZBL 22-2017, Pier 10 Marina condominiumClosedPL170404
Part Lot 38, Lake Rd E ConcessionPL171074-Lambton Shores Official PlanClosedPL171074