Current E-Status Case List for Mississippi Mills

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedDevelopment Charge By-law 07-35ClosedDC070008
Name Card Not AssignedFI080016-Mississippi Valley Conservation ClosedFI080016
Name Card is Inactive as ContactFI090019-Mississippi Valley ConservationClosedFI090019
Name Card Not AssignedFI100011-Mississippi Valley Conservation ClosedFI100011
Name Card Not AssignedFI110002-Credit Valley Conservation Authority ClosedFI110002
Part Lot 15, Conc. 12, RamsayMM120024-C. & L. Young - Motion for CompletenessClosedMM120024
Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation DistrictMM160056-Heritage BL 16-61 Downtown Almonte HCDClosedMM160056
Name Card Not AssignedWhite Tail Ridge subdivision coClosedPL070095
Name Card Not AssignedMervin Tosh severanceClosedPL070834
125 Bridge StPL071164-By-Law #01-70 Cadeau ClinicClosedPL071164
Part Lot 19/20, Concession 11PL081324-Alan William MillerClosedPL081324
Part Lot 16, Concession 8PL101279-Dovercliffe Court LtdClosedPL101279
170 Ramsay, Conc 5PL111135-COPA 6-11, non-farrm rural severanceClosedPL111135
4690 March Rd (Pt Lot 16, Conc 12, Ramsay)PL120146-By-law 11-83ClosedPL120146
Part of Lots 1 & 2, Conc 9PL130559-Glen Isle Shores SubdivisionClosedPL130559
East Part Lot 14 Concession 12PL141396-Chad & Julie Young, 1463 Golden Line RdClosedPL141396
East Part Lot 14 Concession 12PL141401-Chad & Julie Young, 1463 Golden Line RdClosedPL141401
Part Lots 14-25, Conc. 10, 11 & 12, Ramsay WardPL150918-IC By-law 15-54, the Burnt Lands ANSIClosedPL150918
Part Lot 9, Concession 2PL151109-Barry Caldwell, 1313 Old Perth Rd ClosedPL151109
430 Ottawa StPL151168-Elm Dev. Corp. et al Automobile Gas Bar ClosedPL151168
3200 Pakenham Concession 3PL160874-BL16-69, Trailer Campground ApprovalOpenPL160874
Block 40 Plan 69547PL171053-COPA #19, Parkland & Open Space PoliciesClosedPL171053
314 Bellamy Mills RoadPL180118-J. & H. Leonard, 314 Bellamy Mills RdClosedPL180118
36 Main Street EastPL180769-By-law 18-73, Aselford developmentClosedPL180769
104 Old Mill LanePL190272- 6 Bedroom Country InnClosedPL190272
69 Mary StreetPL190426- Pert, 69 Mary Street - Basement SuiteClosedPL190426
33 Harold StreetPL190548-Kazia Homes Inc., 33 Harold StreetClosedPL190548
4356 Appleton Side RoadPL190549-BL 19-89, surplus farm-dwelling propertyClosedPL190549
297 Strathburn StreetPL190597-BL 19-114ClosedPL190597
3360 County Road 29 NPL190598-BL 19-94 ClosedPL190598
Part Lots 59, 60 & 70 on Plan 6262PL190599-BL 19-92ClosedPL190599
Burnt Lands ANSIPL200045-DxD - OPA 21, Implement 5 year reviewClosedPL200045
276 Merrithew StreetPL200100-David Whiteman, 276 Merrithew StClosedPL200100
430 Ottawa StreetPL210127-BL#11-83,124-unit 4-storey aptClosedPL210127