Current E-Status Case List for Rideau Lakes

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card is Inactive as ContactMM170017-BL 2017-5, Council & Ward StructureClosedMM170017
Name Card Not AssignedDoris Shirley Gowdy AdditionClosedPL070330
Name Card Not AssignedGeorge & Sandra Holmes, highwatClosedPL070447
Name Card Not AssignedKathleen R. MussellClosedPL070920
Conc. 2 Pt Lot 24PL071210-Catherine (Hart) CarpenterClosedPL071210
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL080080-Harold HaganClosedPL080080
Con 9 Pt Lot 4 RP 28R 143; Pt 60 To 62PL080449-Del VezeauClosedPL080449
Lot 25, Conc 4PL080461-Gerald HibbardClosedPL080461
184B Bay RdPL081497-Garfield & Nora BrownClosedPL081497
Con 4, Part Lot 4, North Crosby WardPL090589-Giffin, GordonClosedPL090589
Conc 2, Part Lot 29 07B, Ward S. ElmsleyPL101136-Fraser Residential VarianceClosedPL101136
All of TownshipPL110830-BL 2011-42 - Waterfront DecksClosedPL110830
Conc.1, Part Lot 9,2918 R29, Rideau LakePL111067-William BelangerClosedPL111067
245 Indian Lake RdPL120519-William Honeywell & Anne MactavishClosedPL120519
Lots 8 & 9, Concession 1PL120645-O.& E.Armstrong-Lots 8/9 RideauClosedPL120645
Concession 6, Part Lots 2 & 3PL150328 - Vye SeveranceClosedPL150328
Pt. Lot 21, Conc. 2, Twp of BurgessPL150564-R. Earle, Single storey dwelling/sewageClosedPL150564
Con 2 PT Lot 24; Part 1 to Part 4, Otter LakePL150958-Robert C. Hill, 22 O12, Otter Lake ClosedPL150958
241 Carleton StPL151085-Enepekides/Tsirikos Side & Rear Addition ClosedPL151085
All Lands Subject to BL 2018-46PL180904-BL 2018-46, Trumpeter Dev't Inc. et alClosedPL180904
330 Highway 15PL190192-Paul Johnston, Duplex dwellingClosedPL190192
Concession 2, Part Lot 29PL200039-Andrew Fraser, 29 O7BClosedPL200039
34 LB5PL200280-Paul Brown, 34 LB5OpenPL200280