Current E-Status Case List for Loyalist

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
24 Park CresDC150019-DC By-law 2010-71ClosedDC150019
Part One Of Plan 29R-7417MM130002-Noel & Alice Hamer - Protest of FeeClosedMM130002
Name Card Not AssignedGeorge & Angela DacostaClosedPL070705
Township WidePL090180-OPA 18ClosedPL090180
5023 Bath RdPL091002-OPA # 19 Loyalist Twp. Comprehensive OPAClosedPL091002
Part Lot 35, Concession 4PL091157-Brian Hudson ClosedPL091157
Lot 25, Conc. 6PL101104-Fulcher Rural VarianceClosedPL101104
Part Lot 32, Concession 6PL110421-Francis RobidouxClosedPL110421
Part Lot 32, Concession 3PL111061-Michael WartmanClosedPL111061
560 Front RdPL140766-S., A., & J. Jeffery, 560 Front RdClosedPL140766
Part Lot 31, Conc 4 et alPL141490-1745154 Ontario Ltd. SubdivisionClosedPL141490
Entire TownshipPL160154-OPA 31, Modify road widening policies ClosedPL160154
103-125 Main StPL170882- Cross New Lot SeveranceClosedPL170882
4499 Bath RoadPL171489-Loyalist Plaza Amherstview Inc., SPClosedPL171489
94 Factory StPL180691-Darcy McMurter, Setback/Lot CoverageClosedPL180691
2 Creighton DrivePL190029-Darrell Simpson, 2 Creighton Dr.ClosedPL190029