Current E-Status Case List for Thames Centre

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part Lot 18 Concession B SRTDC180018-DC By-law 69-2018ClosedDC180018
New Administration Building Capital LevyFI090005-Mun. of Thames Centre & UTRCAClosedFI090005
3336 Irwin Rd, 3594 Cromarty DrLC130002-Michael & Louise Stuyt vs MTO ClosedLC130002
Country Road 27 (The"Nissouri Road")LC130005-Frick vs County of MiddlesexClosedLC130005
Part of Lot 17 & Lot 18LC140014-Estate of Little v. County of MiddlesexClosedLC140014
Part of Lot 19, Concession 2LC140015-A & C Little v. County of Middlesex ClosedLC140015
Part of Lot 20, Concession 2LC140016-Verna Marchuk v. County of MiddlesexClosedLC140016
Part of Lot 17, Concession 2LC140017-R. & J. Egan v. County of MiddlesexClosedLC140017
Name Card is Inactive as ContactLC140018-Domenica Olds v. County of MiddlesexClosedLC140018
8 and 10 Bridge StLC160015-F. & W. Spragg vs. County of MiddlesexClosedLC160015
4266 Westchester Bourne RR2LC180015-Sleegerdale Farms Limited vs. MTOOpenLC180015
Part Lot 3, Concession 5MM190011-Aaroc Aggregates Ltd., Pit LicenceClosedMM190011
Name Card Not AssignedMun. of Thames Centre Official ClosedPL040791
Name Card Not Assigned1478346 Ont Inc.-Com ll Dev tClosedPL040963
Name Card Not AssignedVista Woods Estates/Loblaws ProClosedPL050517
Name Card Not AssignedWeavercroft InternationalClosedPL070281
Name Card Not AssignedTridon Construction Ltd.ClosedPL070493
3998 Gladstone DrPL090406-Zelinka Priamo LimitedClosedPL090406
20232 Heritage RdPL090453-Gover/Tridon Construction Ltd.ClosedPL090453
875 Donnybrook DrPL100523- D.L. Services Inc.ClosedPL100523
5050 & 5114 Hamilton RdPL100673-Fawn Lake Developments Inc.ClosedPL100673
Part Lot 18, Concession 1 SRTPL110081-Dorchester Christian Family Centre Inc.ClosedPL110081
Part Lots 3, 4 & 5, Conc 6PL110467-Belmont Solar Farm Inc.ClosedPL110467
2943 Elgin RdPL121199-Randy Kerr Holdings, 2943 Elgin RdClosedPL121199
4049 Catherine StPL130674-J. Fuller - Single Unit DwellingClosedPL130674
21964 Fairview RdPL150221-By-law 20-2015, Elliot Grain Ltd.ClosedPL150221
All Lands Subject To OPA 12PL150674-OPA 12 (5 Year Comprehensive Review)ClosedPL150674
Part Lot 2 & 3 Concession 5PL161154-OPA 15, B.D.Holsteins Aggregate licenseClosedPL161154
299 Gladstone DrPL180063-By-law 105-2017, Truck terminal useClosedPL180063
3490 Putnam RdPL200305-Rana, consent for future industrial useClosedPL200305
1281 Gladstone DrivePL200618-Ron & Russell Farquhar, 1281 Gladstone DClosedPL200618