Current E-Status Case List for Trent Hills

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Pulled from CMISADM dbBy-law 2006-100ClosedFI060010
Name Card Not AssignedClosedFI070008
Name Card Not AssignedSenior retirement -1007985 OntaClosedPL050246
Name Card Not AssignedPartridge - ZBL 2005-71/72/74ClosedPL060638
171 Clarke RdPulled from CMISADM dbR & K Cochrane - C - 171 Clarke RdClosedPL070104
Name Card Not AssignedMichael Vavro/Dudley ConsentClosedPL070568
Part Lot 20, Concession 6PL080695-Murray & Theresa KirklandClosedPL080695
50 Centre StPL080975-Percy Masonic LodgeClosedPL080975
Part Lot 16, Conc 3, Percy StPL081277-2149702 Ontario Ltd.ClosedPL081277
798 8th Line West, Conc 8, Pt Lot 7PL090201-Nancy Elizabeth DesmondClosedPL090201
Conc 2, Pt Lot 8, 457 Conc 2 W, Percy WardPL090467-Paul GummerClosedPL090467
798 8th Line West, Conc 8, Pt Lot 7PL090616-Desmond, NancyClosedPL090616
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL090971-Ken PartridgeClosedPL090971
Interim By-Law 2010-40PL100601-Arnold Dudley ClosedPL100601
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL110664-OPA #4-Policies-Solid Waste ManagmntClosedPL110664
Part Lot 5, Block 35PL110941-1191887 Ontario Ltd.ClosedPL110941
Name Card Not AssignedPL120587- to reuseOpenPL120587
Plan 112, Pt Blk. 36, Being Pts 4-7, Plan 39R-1218PL120714-ZBL 2012-57, Townhouses Dev.ClosedPL120714
Part of Lot 2, Conc 10, 9 Island Park RdPL141296-Island Park RV Resort, 9 Island Park Rd ClosedPL141296
9 Island Park RdPL160079-604840 Ontario Inc., Site PlanClosedPL160079
9 Island Park RdPL160588-By-law 2016-42 Island Park RV ResortClosedPL160588
Northwest corner of Bridge St N & Front St WPL170509-BL 2017-21, Hastings Ball Diamond conv.ClosedPL170509