Current E-Status Case List for North Kawartha

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedG. Carter- private zoning amendClosedPL070728
98 Gill's Gully LanePL080127-Wannop Estate new residential lotClosedPL080127
By-Law 64/08PL081208-By-law 64/08ClosedPL081208
262 Trotter Oitment RdPL081465-Chandos Anne HickeyClosedPL081465
157 Burleigh StPL090042-By-law 127/08ClosedPL090042
Concession 15, Part Lot 8, Burleigh Ward. PL090736-Trevor ZimmermannClosedPL090736
Conc.6, Lot 1, Plan 11, Lot 20PL100622-Bill & Debbie LowcockClosedPL100622
Concession 7, Part Lot 3, Plan 8, Lot APL101312-Greg WoynarskiClosedPL101312
1180 Anstruther Lake, (Pt Lots 12 & 13, Conc. 6PL120309-Mason Reid - Expand Accessory BuildingClosedPL120309
295 Vic Tanner RdPL120930-BL 52/12, New Seasonal Dwelling ClosedPL120930
Gil's Gully, Concession 7, Part Lot 25PL121271-BL 74/12, New dwelling constructionClosedPL121271
Township of North Kawartha in its entiretyPL130372-ZBL 26-2013, Land/Water DevelopmentOpenPL130372
539 Renwick RdPL131336-By-law 95-13 ClosedPL131336
2023 Anstruther Lake RdPL131340-R. Remmel - Deck EnlargementClosedPL131340
Part of Lots 3, 4, 5 and 6 Concessions I and IIPL150313-Burleigh Bay Corp. 60 unit res. condoClosedPL150313
31 Martin LanePL160418 - BL 2016-031 Junker-Andersen cottageClosedPL160418
Township of North Kawartha in its entiretyPL160745-BL 2016-061, Reg. In-water Bldgs/StructClosedPL160745
10 Siskin LanePL161167-By-law 2016-091 Armstrong cottageClosedPL161167
14 Fire Route 10B, Concession 5, Pt Lot 2PL170310-BL 2017-024, Schilling/Dejong cottageClosedPL170310
Concession 7, Part Lot 11PL180151-BL 2018-002 Conlin recreational dwellingClosedPL180151
All Lands Subject To By-Law 2018-015PL180498-B139-BL 2018-015 Kennedy floating boathouClosedPL180498
252 Doc Evans RoadPL180599-Verway new dwelling with garageClosedPL180599
Concession 8, Part Lot 5PL190294-W. & D. Walker, permit a BoathouseClosedPL190294
City WidePL190446-BL 2019-078, In-water structures OpenPL190446