Current E-Status Case List for Douro-Dummer

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
94 Mill StPulled from CMISADM dbEnberg - RezoningClosedPL051031
1857 South Bay Shore Rd EPulled from CMISADM dbAllan and Mildred BradleyClosedPL070151
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 11ClosedPL070210
Name Card Not AssignedHelen & Herbert SheppardClosedPL070885
Pt Lots 31, 32, Conc 11PL080151-Peter & Sharon KallasteClosedPL080151
Dummer-Island 18, Block 3PL081490-Malhub PropertiesClosedPL081490
2342 McNaughton RdPL090147-Kallaste, Sharon & PeterClosedPL090147
Name Card Not AssignedPL090803-Doreen DaviesClosedPL090803
920 Rock RdPL100738-BL 10-1996ClosedPL100738
Lot 28, Concession 1PL100963-Coyle Residential SeveranceClosedPL100963
2268 Armstrong LanePL110417-2268 Armstrong Lane - Stonehouse ClosedPL110417
1438 Birchview RdPL130486-E&R Erdmann 1438 Birchview RdClosedPL130486
Pt Island No. 7 Haslett's PlanPL140979-C. & B Offierski, Pt Island # 7 Haslett'sClosedPL140979
Haslett's Plan Part Island 10, RP 45R 12463 Isl.10PL141212-BL 2014-55, McCann's AdditionClosedPL141212
1183 Grier DrPL160386-Angelina Vettese, 1183 Grier DrClosedPL160386
Lot 11, Concession 1PL170572-Clifford SeverancesClosedPL170572
1918 County Road 6PL180740-B139H-ZBA 2018-45, Hall's GlenClosedPL180740
Concession 1, Part Lot 11, County Road 38PL210294-BL# 2021 -24, reduced frontage setbackOpenPL210294