Current E-Status Case List for Russell

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
926 Notre-Dame StreetMM180058-BL 2018-093 Retail Business on HolidaysClosedMM180058
Name Card Not AssignedMelanie Construction subdivisioClosedPL070073
263 & 267 Castor StPL110703-Joel Nordenstrom - 2 Warner St.ClosedPL110703
Township of RussellPL110888-By-law No. 46-2011ClosedPL110888
1065 Concession StPL111294-ZBL No. 76-2011ClosedPL111294
Entire MunicipalityPL130783-BL 56-2013, Definitions & SectionsClosedPL130783
106 Craig StPL140078-By Law 106-2013ClosedPL140078
1332 St-Jacques RdPL150525-BL 2015-50, allow semi-detached dwellingClosedPL150525
110 Craig StPL150946-By-law 2015-77 Sobeys expanding usesClosedPL150946
Part of Lot 11, Concession 2PL160750-BL 2016-069,Poirier Semi-detached dwlgClosedPL160750