Current E-Status Case List for Midland

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
16821 Highway 12DC200007-DC By Law# 2019-80 OpenDC200007
Name Card Not AssignedMundy s Harbour Corp., 30 condoClosedPL944222
Name Card Not AssignedHome Occupations By-lawClosedPL070879
583 Johnston StPL081154-DusomeClosedPL081154
640 Balm Beach RdPL090134-640 Balm Beach RoadClosedPL090134
281 Cranston CresPL090845-Osprey Bay Holdings Ltd.ClosedPL090845
281 Cranston CresPL111261-1339052 Ontario Inc.ClosedPL111261
8846 County Rd 93PL121399-Alexander Kanaris, 8846 County Rd 93ClosedPL121399
288, 420 & 488 Bayshore DrPL130328-ZBL 2013-2, Interim ControlClosedPL130328
1081 MacDonald RdPL130804-BL 2013-42, 1081 MacDonald Road ClosedPL130804
Part of Lots 79 and 79A, Concession IVPL140009-By-law 2013-73ClosedPL140009
990 Sumac LanePL140347-Gray Watters, 990 Sumac LaneClosedPL140347
522 Elizabeth StPL140656-BL 2014-37, Emergency Housing ShelterClosedPL140656
Entire MunicipalityPL150035-BL 2014-84, Source ProtectionsClosedPL150035
287 Bayshore DrPL151066-BL 2015-67Chigamik-Waypoint Dtwn Hth CtrClosedPL151066
Entire MunicipalityPL160579-By-law 2016-29 Addition of a Second UnitClosedPL160579
735 Portage Park LanePL160884-Chris Richie, 735 Portage Park LaneClosedPL160884
399 Midland Point RoadPL180187-Frank Newell, 399 Midland Point RdClosedPL180187
415 Midland Point RoadPL180716-John Millard, 415 Midland Point RdClosedPL180716
640 Bayport BoulevardPL190455-2428568 Ontario Ltd., Subdivision ClosedPL190455
Town of MidlandPL200391-MD-OP-1901, replace existing Midland OPOpenPL200391