Current E-Status Case List for New Tecumseth

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
7170 Industrial PkyDC080004-2088785 Ontario Inc.ClosedDC080004
All Lands within The Town Of New TecumsethDC080010-DC BL 2008-134ClosedDC080010
Municipal WideDC130023-By-law - 2013-106ClosedDC130023
10 Wellington Street EastDC180023-Previn Court Homes DC ComplaintClosedDC180023
Name Card Not AssignedExpropriation.Canadian Tire CorClosedLC000024
Part Lot 6, Conc 15LC090033-Willies Car & Van Wash Ltd. vs SimcoeClosedLC090033
Name Card Not AssignedNorthcroft Properties subdivisiClosedPL971237
Name Card Not AssignedDiPoce Management Ltd. subdivisClosedPL980331
Name Card Not AssignedTecumseth Estates Inc.ClosedPL000373
Name Card Not AssignedCreation of 5 New Infill ResideClosedPL040736
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 31 Beeton Community SecondaClosedPL060354
Name Card Not AssignedJorgensens - ZBL 2006-129-180 AClosedPL061013
133 Queen StPL080480-David & Lisa KokeljClosedPL080480
23 Mill StPL080952-Ontario Redevelopment - B10/08ClosedPL080952
14 Dale DrPL081095-Paul FortuneClosedPL081095
17 Young StPL081200-Worldwide PropertiesClosedPL081200
Pt Lots 12 & 13, Conc 14 & 15PL090290-Cable Bridge EnterprisesClosedPL090290
97-129 Yonge StPL090946-OP Trust Forecast Inc. Gas Bar MVClosedPL090946
Part of Lots 8 & 9, Concession 8PL100682-Alliance Homes ClosedPL100682
Part Lots 12 & 13, Conc 14 & 15PL100873-Cablebridge Enterprises Inc.ClosedPL100873
Name Card Not AssignedPL110017-OP- Town of Tecumseth-DEV-198OpenPL110017
6209 14th Line, Pt N 1/4 Lot 9, Conc 13PL110269- Huntington WoodsOpenPL110269
117 Yonge StPL110564-Site Plan - New TecumsethClosedPL110564
2157 Adjala-Tecumseth TownlinePL111016-Shira Harrison McIntyreClosedPL111016
689 Victoria St EPL130333-6324223 Canada Inc, Commercial UseClosedPL130333
Part of Lot 8, Concession 14PL130403-2139549 Ontario Ltd., Residential UseClosedPL130403
689 Victoria Street EastPL131098 - Value Centres - Shopping CentreOpenPL131098
4755 2nd LinePL150932-R. & D. Bridges, 4755 2nd LineClosedPL150932
355 Victoria St EPL160197 - D'Silva boundary adjustment severanceClosedPL160197
Mill St E/ 4th LinePL160775 -BL 2016-094 Ballymore Commercial PlazaClosedPL160775
14 Dale DrPL170117-Joe Feiner, 14 Dale DrClosedPL170117
217 Victoria Street WestPL171259-2221465 Ontario Inc., SPClosedPL171259
47-51 Queen Street SouthPL171508-N. Daram, 47-51 Queen St SouthClosedPL171508
Various AddressesPL180863-Beeton Station Condominiums development ClosedPL180863
143 Albert Street WestPL180931-B. & L. Connell, 143 Albert St WClosedPL180931
Lots 31 to 33, Lots 34 to 37, Et AlPL180947-Build It Green 2nd Street SubdivisionOpenPL180947
Various lands within the municipalityPL190352-NT-OP-1801, 10 year reviewOpenPL190352
5776 11th LinePL200468-Giuseppe Leandro, indoor cannabis growthOpenPL200468
27 Mill Street EastPL210225-N.A.K. Building, 5 freehold townhousesClosedPL210225