Current E-Status Case List for Tiny

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedCounty of Simcoe -Interim ContrClosedPL050703
Name Card Not AssignedStubbs-Commercial Campground-TwClosedPL051037
Name Card Not AssignedTwp of Tiny Comprehensive ZBL 0ClosedPL060350
Name Card Not AssignedLewis & Madge Ord Lot CreationClosedPL070531
Part Lot 12, Concession 7PL071234-North Simcoe Anglers & Hunters ClubClosedPL071234
Part Lot 21, Concession 3PL080618-Robert & Clara RitchieClosedPL080618
Block 24, Reg'd Plan M-607, Conc 21 Melissa LanePL081223-Blairhampton Properties Inc.ClosedPL081223
Part Lots 78 & 79, Concession 1 Old SurveyPL081224-The Sarjeant Co LtdClosedPL081224
96 Tiny Beaches Rd N, Twp of TinyPL081538-Kanami Holdings Inc.ClosedPL081538
Part Lot 13, Concession 9EPL091059-Manfred & Heidi FleischmannOpenPL091059
390 Concession 12WPL100164-M. Nawrocki Porch EnclosureClosedPL100164
Pt Lots 78,79,Conc 1 & Pt Lot 79,Conc 2PL100189-ZBL No.09-074 The Sarjeant Co. LtdClosedPL100189
31 Belgrove CresPL100338-Ana PereiraClosedPL100338
Part Lot 23, Conc 4PL110001-McMahan Woods Development Ltd.ClosedPL110001
Part Lot 50, Judge's Plan 838, Conc. 19WPL110016-Roy and Patrica BlackshawClosedPL110016
390 Concession 12WPL131033-M. Nawrocki - 390 Concession 12 WestClosedPL131033
9 Monica RdPL131284-Lewis Robert Ord, 9 Monica RdClosedPL131284
65 Centre Beach RdPL131290-M. Ducharme-Part lot 48ClosedPL131290
40 Ord LanePL140064-By-law - 13-068ClosedPL140064
87 Roc RdPL150272-Kata Macut, 87 Roc RoadClosedPL150272
116 Centre Beach RdPL150957 - Byers New Dwelling VarianceClosedPL150957
2024 Tiny Beaches Rd SPL160539-Stoikos, 2034 Tiny Beach Rd SouthClosedPL160539
Block B, RP 656, Part of Lot 27, Concession 1 WestPL170618-By-law 17-025, Twp of Tiny Beach LandsClosedPL170618
2 Darby RoadPL180416-CRH gravel pit expansionOpenPL180416
570 Champlain RoadPL180418-182088 Ont. Ltd. boat storage facilityClosedPL180418
46 Mourning Dove TrailPL180851-J. & G. Latour, 46 Mourning Dove TrailClosedPL180851
Name Card is Inactive as ContactPL190457-22 Walker Road, Marc Antonio ManciniClosedPL190457
1832 Tiny Beaches Road SouthPL190581-D & D Stoddart, 1832 Tiny Beaches Rd SClosedPL190581
1 Stoney RoadPL200627-John & Mary Marchese,1 Stoney RdClosedPL200627
Part of Lot 23, Concession 4PL210153-Simcoe County OP, non-decisionClosedPL210153