Current E-Status Case List for Northeast Manitoulin & The Island

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part 3 Plan 31R-2896, Part Of Lot 5 Concession 10LC180002-Chapman v. Northeastern Manitoulin et alClosedLC180002
Lots 12 & 13 South Side Campbell StreetLC190011-R. Chapman v NE Manitoulin & the IslandsClosedLC190011
Lots 14 South Side Campbell StreetLC190015-G. Lewis v. NE Manitoulin & the IslandsClosedLC190015
94 Meredith StMM170050-Joseph Chapman and proposed sewerOpenMM170050
Part Lot 12, Concession XIPL101234-Daniel Anderson ClosedPL101234
Part Lots 14 & 15, Conc. 7 & 8PL111287- Davis & McLay Dev. Ltd.ClosedPL111287
86 Vankoughnet St EPL130973-By-law 2013-27ClosedPL130973
Part Lot 28, Conc 5 (2725B Hwy 540)PL131289-V&T Bingaman-Part Lot 28, Conc 5ClosedPL131289