Current E-Status Case List for West Nipissing

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Part of Lot 12, Concession 1MM090036-Sturgeon Falls Brush Ltd.-Licence TransfeClosedMM090036
N 1/2 OF Lot 11, Conc.5MM120034-Denmar Construction & Reno, QuarryClosedMM120034
12051 Hwy 17 Pt Lot 2 Conc 1 Springer TwpPulled from CMISADM dbBrian Otis- By-law 2007/63ClosedPL070420
1210 Gauthier Rd (Pt Lot 12, Conc 2, Parcel 2593) PL091078-J & L BourgeoisClosedPL091078
Hwy.17 West, Part Lot 9, Conc.2, Twp. SpringwaterPL110358-Kukic (MX Constructors)aggregate rezoningClosedPL110358
Entire MunicipalityPL120042-Municipality of West Nipissing OPClosedPL120042
75 Pellerin RdPL121175-Fernand Pellerin, 75 Pellerin Rd ClosedPL121175
Sandy IslandPL140335-S. & S. Remillard, Sandy IslandClosedPL140335
Part Lot 4, Con A, Parts 3 To 8PL140885 - Seguin SeveranceClosedPL140885
8 Lac Clair RoadPL200322-C. Hebert & A. Plante, 8 Lac Clair Rd.ClosedPL200322
463 Bear Lake RoadPL200533-Chris & Dina Woodham, 463 Bear Lake RdClosedPL200533
Part of Lot 5, Con. A, Et AlPL210242-Ed Seguin & Sons, cold storageOpenPL210242