Current E-Status Case List for The Archipelago

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address Case Description Status Case Number
Name Card Not AssignedOPA 45 - 5 yr reviewClosedPL061255
Name Card Not AssignedCameron subdivisionClosedPL060908
Name Card Not AssignedRoger Kolbuc - detached dwellinClosedPL070667
Name Card Not AssignedComprehensive Zoning By-lawClosedPL070678
Name Card Not AssignedPL080058-Wilson A13/07ClosedPL080058
Part of Island 393A, Part Parcel 6572 N/S ShawanagPL080606-Ogilvie Tennis CourtClosedPL080606
Island B0452, Parcel 11129PL110255-Field-Marsham sleeping cabin varianceClosedPL110255
Island B-218, Parcel 10509 PSSSPL121030-OPA 60, Island B218 (Florence)ClosedPL121030
Pt Lot 43, Conc 5, Pt 1 On Plan PSr-530, Plan 42R-PL121267-OPA 58, Contracting business on siteClosedPL121267
Part Lot 24, Concession 5PL131076-J. Cox - reconstruct existing structureClosedPL131076
Part of Island 97A et alPL141348-JMB Cattle Corp., McKenzie Island #A97ClosedPL141348
All Lands Subject to OPA 62PL180436-OPA 62 Crane Lake ResortClosedPL180436
Island B484PL180913-Ann Johnston, Island B484 ClosedPL180913
11 Woods Bay LanePL210198-R. Gates, 4 non-waterfront lotsOpenPL210198