Using E Calendar, you can view a calendar of LPAT hearings. Only information for future hearing dates is available. Hearings that have already happened will not be posted on E-Calendar.

Choose the municipality and month from the drop down menu. Days that have hearing events will be bolded on the calendar. Click on the bolded date and the hearing information for that day, along with some basic case information, will be displayed

Municipality :
Month :

December 2021
Choose the day you want. Only bolded days have hearings scheduled.

If you would like more information about a hearing click on the case number. You will be able to access decisions that have been issued for the case and view a list of previous hearing dates.

NOTE: This information is provided as a service. The Tribunal does not guarantee that the information displayed is current or accurate as it may be updated or changed at any time. You should verify all information before acting on it.